ACS Partnership with NGOs, Citizens and the Prefecture of Attica to Support victims of Eastern Attica Fires

Providing emergency supplies to disaster-stricken people in East Attica in July 2018

Fire-stricken citizens

From July 25, 2018 to July 31, 2018

ACS, with a significant sense of responsibility, but also extensive experience in providing emergency services and infrastructure, moved immediately to provide immediate relief to fire victims in East Attica. Just two days after the catastrophic fire, on 25/7/2018, it made available its network for the immediate transportation of essential supplies to the affected. It has thus enabled citizens across Greece - by calling them through Press Releases, Social Media and a radio campaign - even if they were far from the scene of the disaster, to help and collect specific foods and essentials at ACS stores nationwide, who undertook the safe, immediate and free shipping of the goods to the Logistics Center of the Prefecture of Attica. Based on the Prefecture’s announcement of fire victims' needs, citizens were asked to bring ACS stores in sealed carton boxes with the words "For Fire Victims":

1. Bottled water

2. Juices

3. Foods refrigerated and preferably of immediate consumption (preserved, packaged croissants, biscuits, toasts, etc.)

4. Long-lasting milk, which is kept outside the refrigerator, e.g. evaporated.

With Non-Profit Organizations, such as the Greek Rescue Team, and the Prefecture of Attica Logistics Center

Volunteers who participated in ACS volunteered to provide essentials through the privately owned stores of Tavros and Kryoneri (at the company's headquarters).

Place of receipt: ACS stores throughout Greece

Place of Delivery: Logistics Center of Prefecture of Attica (Faliro Delta)

The response from people around the world was moving, with a total of 2,570 carton shipments totaling 33,191,9 kg (over 33 tonnes) within a very short period of time.

The ACS has once again demonstrated the readiness of its branch network to provide assistance to our needy fellow citizens. This results in a meaningful connection between the company and its stakeholders, as well as enhancing the brand's connection to social contribution.