The company's goal is to participate in various programs focusing on protecting the environment and human life.

the general public

The three most important projects that KONVA has participated in, in recent years, are the following:
Collaboration with SKAI TV and #thalassamou
In 2018, KONVA supported SKAI's action to combat overfishing of sardines and anchovies and protecting the Aegean Sea by helping to inform the public about the viability of the Aegean through various means.
Collaboration with Mom
In 2018, KONVA offered 5,500 ╬Ľuros for the implementation of the "Northern Aegean Dolphin Project". NADP is a research program for observing dolphins and recording their behaviour ( The program aims to increase global knowledge about 8 species of "Vulnerable Dolphins", as well as to support the unique biodiversity of the Greek seas.


Collaboration with Enaleia
In 2020, KONVA starts its cooperation with ENALEIA, a civil non-profit company. Our common vision is to make the marine ecosystem sustainable.
The action focuses on the prevention of marine pollution by collecting used nets from the port of Kavala where purse seine fishing activity is intense. It is estimated that at least 5,000 kilos of nets will be collected through this action in the first year alone (the cost of collection, amounts to 145,000 Euros). Furthermore, the collected nets will be integrated into the circular economy and will be transformed into socks which will be given as a gift to our staff

The three implementing bodies we have worked with in recent years are:
1. SKAI TV (campaign for the protection of the Aegean Sea)
2. MOm

The actions of SKAI TV & MOm campaigns were focused on the Aegean Sea.
The action in collaboration with ENALEIA concerns, in a first stage, the fish auction of Kavala.

We participate in the effort to protect the Greek seas and marine life as well as to raise social awareness regarding the environment.

With these actions, KONVA supports the pillars of its social action, feels a responsibility to give back to the community and takes care for the sustainability of the natural ecosystem.