In OPAP, we are convinced it is imperative to develop our business, while being mindful of social consequences, since a responsible approach is the only way to ensure consistent value creation for both internal and external stakeholders. Therefore, it is vital for us to enhance our corporate reputation, build trustworthy relationship with different stakeholders and at the same time, make a positive difference in the communities where we operate.

We aim to operate in a responsible way by embedding responsibility into our business, and at the same time, improve our competitiveness and create shared value for all our stakeholders. In this framework, we continuously seek to improve our practices and our corporate governance framework, ensuring that transparency and responsible governance are pillars of our Group, affecting our operations, across the board. 

This procedure addresses and affects all members of the BoD as well as all OPAP employees.

OPAP’s Groups efforts on Corporate Governance and Compliance continues to be effective.

We describe Corporate Governance as the way in which OPAP is governed and controlled, with the Hellenic Corporate Governance Code, issued by the Hellenic Council of Corporate Governance (ESED) in October 2013, being adopted by the company in 2014

Corporate Governance:

  • Constitutes the structure, through which we set and manage our objectives, determine the methods to achieve them and enables the monitoring of the Management’s performance throughout the implementation of the aforementioned elements.
  • Establishes standards of governance and best practices, as well as promotes enhanced transparency for all our activities.
  • Reflects the policies and procedures we have adopted for achieving good governance practices

The Board of Directors (BoD) is the supreme administrative body of the company that mainly formulates the company’s strategy and growth policy, supervises and controls its management and administration of corporate affairs and realizes its corporate purpose.

According to a formal corporate Procedure and the applicable legislation, as well as the Internal Rules and Regulations, all BoD Members and a number of top executive managers have to formally and semiannually inform OPAP’s BoD, regarding their participation in other companies as a Shareholder of over 10% (direct or indirect) and other business and professional activities that may lead to potential conflicts of interest with OPAP S.A. and its subsidiaries.

Not applicable.

Applies and affects all members of the BoD.

OPAP Group.

Apply and abide by the highest governance support our business objectives and our effort to create and maximize of our shareholders. Additionally, the effective management of our business, with responsibility and integrity, will help to ensure accountability and maintain trust from all interested parties.  

Through the Corporate Governance Declaration, the BoD reaffirms compliance with the guidelines of regulatory and administrative parties on best practices, while it ensures that the highest ethical standards are reflected in corporate behavior and culture, across the board of the Group’s operation.