COSMOTE e-value Kerameikos Office Building,

Cosmote e-Value, a fast growing contact center, wished to cover its housing needs and to offer the best workplace for employees. Following the environmental strategy of OTE Group and the commitment of the Management for planning and implementing projects according to the principles of sustainable development, a state of art contact center was created at Kerameikos.

OTE Estate handled the entire renovation, taking into account the international standards.

The environmentally responsible design of the “green” building of COSMOTE e-Value was made aiming at improving the efficiency of several indexes, such as the energy consumption and having almost zero effects to the environment. As a result, the building is nominated as one out of seven in Greece with the international certification as per LEED GOLD level, from the United States Green Building Council (U.S. Green Building Council – USGBC).

Employees, society, clients

Beginning: 07/09/2015

Integration: 27/04/2017

OTEestate ended up to the selection of the building at Kerameikos, owned by the OTE Group since 1959, which remained unexploited and began its renovation.

Companies of the OTE Group:

Cosmote e-Value provides integrated Contact Center services, since 1999. The aim is to support daily the most famous brands to communicate with their customers, building relationships of trust at every interaction, through every communication channel.

OTE Estate was founded in 2000, when the whole real estate property of OTE Group was transferred, aiming at its management and exploitation.




The erection of the complex started in 1959 and its parts were being completed gradually by new erections until 1975.

The complex hosted at first the Computerized Center of OTE, which was serving the whole country, afterwards until 2015, the Printing center of OTE operated in the complex.


Building data and Challenges

The complex is constituted by 4 independent buildings, having a surface of 10.850 m2 which communicate.

Ground plot: 2.856 ╬╝2

Courtyard: 700 m2

Interior spaces: 6.500 m2

625 agents positions, more than 1.200 employees, meeting rooms, career center, rest-areas, mechanical & auxiliary spaces.

The building disposes an orientation system which allows the easy wandering in the complex (wayfinding).

One of the oldest quarters of Athens having a history, which goes back to the Homer and the geometric period. That is how the names INNER-OUTTER of the buildings were inspired, since Kerameikos was divided in IN and OUT Kerameikos during the antiquity.

The Signage of the building is also inspired by the myth of Ariadne’s String, which helped Thisseas find his way through the Labyrinth after having killed Minotaur.  

OTE Estate

“Go to center” was a series of events, which took place in order to welcome 1200 employees to their new offices. Dj, Christmas bazaars, photo booth and special treats made the occasion unforgettable.

The high level (almost 100%) of employees’ job satisfaction in the new building stems from their responses to a mini survey conducted by the company one year after.


With respect to the environment and the society, the new building upgrades the civil environment, while the local market is strengthened at the same time. The employees are growing in a modern and ecological environment. The big grade of their satisfaction, results from the answers to a mini research they took part:

  • 92,86% replied the access to the new building is easier
  • 100% are satisfied by the new working environment in relation to the past
  • 100% were adapted easily to the new working environment

The “sustainable building”:

  • Assures excellent working conditions
  • Applies the whole range of principles of the sustainable development
  • Produces null or absolutely tolerable conditions on the environment, the construction and the operation – it’s energy efficient
  • Provides a new stimulus to Kerameikos neighborhood and to the historic center of Athens
  • Reduction of harmful flows of CO2
  • Strengthening of local market & economy
  • Amelioration of working culture of users
  • Creation of healthy and safe internal environment
  • Strengthening of the company’s image and of environmental policy
  • Accessibility to Mass Transportation
  • Facilitation to the use of bicycles
  • Regain of natural environment by the creation of accessible planted surfaces
  • Aesthetically upgraded surrounding space

Energy & Atmosphere

  • Reduction of energy consumption 25-50% in relation to the reference building (category B+ according to Regulation of Buildings’ Energy Performance) and reduction 18% in relation to the requirements of the standard ASHRAE 90.1
  • Energy upgrade of the shell (external heat insulation) for the preservation of the temperature of interior spaces, without wastages and redundant use of air conditioning
  • Placement of a metal façade to the southern face for reduction of the solar radiation & achievement of energy saving
  • Installation of low electric consumption of lightening LED to the spaces and central control of lightening and lightening control to WC with presence sensors
  • Installation of solar panels for the heating of the water of usage


Materials, Sources & Water Management

  • Preservation of existing construction (floors, etc.), by augmenting the lifetime, reducing the waste and the influence to the environment
  • Selection of materials with content to recycled content and of materials which were produced or excavated inside Greece
  • Collection of the rain’s waters for the watering of the surrounding space and planting with small demands for watering
  • Reduction and consumption control of the drinkable water of use, through the installation of tapping items of low consumption

Quality of Internal Environment

  • Provision of pre-conditioned fresh air for the creation of high quality internal conditions, contributing to the sense of satisfaction. (Augmentation of provision as per 30% in relation to the minimum requirements of ASHRAE Standard 62.1). Control of air’s quality through sensors of measurement of CO2
  • Exclusion of toxic materials during the construction (ex. glues)
  • Naturally lightened spaces and securing of viewing to the external space
  • Ensuring of accessibility by Persons With Special Needs
  • Designing and implementation of new furniture with specific specifications of functionality and sound-absorption
  • Placement of suspended ceiling and panels with sound-absorption characteristics for ensuring the acoustic comfort