The acquaintance and understanding of the citizens of Acharnes about their cultural heritage, through experiential, original and highly sustainable ways, such a bike tour, with reference to the ancient theatre of Acharnes  and the rest ancient monuments of Acharnes of great significance, connecting them with relevant monuments of Athens.

Bicycle and cultural heritage lovers.  Everyone who loves bicycling and  visiting and exploring  great ancient  monuments of Acharnes and Athens. Participants behave respectfully to environment and participants, including but not limited to fellow passengers, guides, staff and/or activity personnel.

One day , once every year.

We, in EPISKINION,  are convinced that an  archaeological- cultural  bike tour is the best way to discover and to learn something about a region and its culture Εvery  year for ten continuously years  "EPISKINION"   organises a Round Cycling Archaeological  Tour  .

"EPISKINION" -Citizens Movement ,for  the emergence of the Ancient Theatre of Acharnes- is  an entity purely voluntary and purely non-profit and non-sponsored  cultural organization with a specific cultural purpose : the promotion and protection of  the cultural heritage of Acharnes and  mainly , the Ancient Theatre of Acharnes which monument  is of unique archaeological value of the classic period of  ancient Greece .

  This theater was found in February 2007 accidentally in a building foundation work, in the urban network ,in the center of the modern city of Acharnes , under buildings and bus route and commercial center.So a lot of bureaucratic procedures had to be initiated to compensate the owners of the properties that were built on the theatre so that the complete unveiling and restoration of this unique monument would be possible.    

The   40 Km Bike Tour begins  from the Theatre of Dionysus on the Acropolis – Athens with stops in  Acharnian Gates and Acharnian Road at Kotzia Squaire –Athen s        and the most important monuments of Acharnes  , as  Vaulted  -Mycenaean  Tomb and the  Tomb  of the great tragic poet Sophocles . The finish line is set at the ancient theater of Acharnes, where take place an open to public cultural event , lice concert or theatrical performance.


The route  connects  the theaters of the two largest municipalities in Athens during the classical period of antiquity, Athens and Acharnes. At each stop, archaeologists of the compentet  Ephorate of Antiquities  and l guides and informs  cyclists about the history and significance of  each  monument.


Conditions for participation

•Throughout the route there will be traffic police escort, paramedic, technical support, water bottles and snacks and bicycle transport van.

To be able to participate in the bike- archaeological Acharnestour:

•You are an adult or a minor with an adult escort-guardian.

•You are responsible for your actions at all times conducted during the bike-archaeological tour.

•You are responsible for the proper conduct of the activity on safety and behavior. We don't pass the driver in front of you and you faithfully follow the instructions or recommendations of the organizers.

•It is necessary to be equipped with helmet, lights, front back or fluorescent vest. You will not be able to participate without them, it is an individual and team safety issue.

•The organizers share no responsibility. Each participant has full responsibility of him/herself, but that in case of technical problems and injuries there will be support when possible.

•We are all a team and will remain so until the end of the event.

•You are aware of any risk that may occur and you individually take the responsibility for your participation but accept the risks inherent in the tour and the responsibility for your safety. Your participation means your unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions of participation and the following cycling behavior rules.








Ephorate of Antiquities of Western Attica,

Municipality of Athens, Municipality of Acharnes, organizations as :DIAZOMA , MONUMENTA, MBIKE, PEPA ,  and local organizations as  :NYCTOPETALIES, EOS , ILEA, EGE (GREEK WOMEN UNION),
MUNICIPAL ART GALLERY, FILOTEXNH LESXH, GREEK WOMEN LYCEUM, many schools, and great number of  cycling teams  from all Greece.

A great number of highly active citizen and  many cultural stakeholders  and nonprofit  organizations   and  students, mainly from Attica area. but also  from every area of Greece , in voluntary basis.


This is a    40 Km Bike Cultural  Tour .It   starts   from the Theatre of Dionysus on the Acropolis – Athens with stops in  Acharnian Gates and Acharnian Road at Kotzia Squaire in Athens        and the most important  ancient monuments of Acharnes  , as  Vaulted  -Mycenaean  Tomb and the  Tomb  of the great tragic poet Sophocles . The finish line is set at the ancient theater of Acharnes,


The creation of this cultural bicycle route with reference to the Ancient Theatre aims, among other things, leads the participants become familiar with the use of the bicycle, to clean up the surrounding area, but also to create infrastructure projects ensuring the accessibility of citizens. This action  brings communities together and instills a sense of community pride and knowledge of their history,  strengthen relationships, and  can raise the profile of  Acharnes. Furthermore, this feeling of responsibility can lead to support for future projects or works on, for instance, a cultural heritage site because people will more likely help and be actively involved, for example, in preservation matters.


Due to the high publicity , this action  attracts new volunteers and members and gives to organization   great recognition and distinction by the academic community,    and  disseminates the goals of the organization

At the same time this action strengthens the targets of EPISKINION and develops creative relations and collaborations with public and private bodies and organizations designing and implementing with them various cultural activities with the common object of its rich cultural heritage focusing on the Ancient Theatre and aiming to raise public awareness for its protection