DIESEL Avio Double Filtered - For a more efficient and cleaner engine!

Satisfying the need of Automotive Diesel consumers for a fuel that will provide greater fuel purity and better engine performance while it is environmental (eco) friendly. The EKO fuel product diverse from the competition as a unique innovative fuel in purity - economy and performance. Moreover, the contribution to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically Goal 9 for encouraging innovation, Goal 12 for sustainable production and consumption and Goal 13 for climate change.

The innovative application of aircraft fuel filter technology to cars is intended for diesel fuel consumers in Greece and every other country market in which the Company is offering the differentiated fuel DIESEL Avio.


Diesel AVIO was introduced on the Greek market in October 2014. The disposal continues today with sustained growth of service points. The product’s distribution has expanded outside the Greek borders in Serbia, Bulgaria and recently in Cyprus, as the installation of the filtering device finds easy application in any type of pump and the fuel production can be reproduced by any installation.

Diesel AVIO is a diversified premium diesel fuel, which was introduced in the Greek market earlier in October 2014. Although not a unique differentiated diesel in the Greek market at the time, a unique feature still enabled it to stand out from the other diesel products. The special Avio filter is a filter which operates according to the filtering process of aviation fuel. It is placed immediately after the fuel pump, double-filtering the fuel before it enters the vehicle reservoir and is also visible to the consumer.

Avio Filter achieves the removal of particles, removal of slag and water and fuel filtration efficiency reaches 98%. In conjunction with the use of a latest technology additive, the Diesel Avio achieves:

  • Better acceleration, lower noise and less vibration, thanks to the increased cetane number.
  • Zero engine power loss throughout the duration of operation and to the full range of speed (according to the motor test CEC F-98-08, which has been established for the modern common rail Diesel engines).
  • Excellent engine cleaning thus reduced fuel consumption.
  • Complete restoration of normal engine operation with only two fillings. After 5 fillings, complete disappearance of internal deposits on injectors.
  • Effective antifoam, anticorrosive and corrosion protection thanks to special technologically advanced additives.

In cooperation with the largest chemical company in the world, EKO, in DIESEL Avio Double Filtered, not only incorporates the latest technology additives for maximum performance, but creates a new fuel in which the technology of aircraft fuel filters is applied. Additionally EKO established a fuel quality control program, including DIESEL Avio, applied to all EKO retail fuel stations in cooperation with the Laboratory of Fuels and Lubricants of NTUA (National Technological University of Athens).

The idea to introduce a part of the aviation fuel filtering technology in the automotive diesel fuel came from a company’s technician in Cyprus during the maintenance of a local fuel station which had a problem in an oil tanker for years. The technician specializing in aviation fuel, proposed the filter installation to ensure diesel purity (quality). The transformation of the idea into a finished product has been a long process for which employees from different departments such as Marketing, Technical Services and Sales have cooperated.

Finally, the fuel production covers the entire company supply chain from the refinery and storage facilities to the consumer vehicle reservoir, requiring the collaboration of many employees from different departments and levels of hierarchy.

Each and every point of the supply chain from the refinery and storage facilities to the central point of implementation the fuel service station.

Petroleum product market is one of the more mature and larger markets of the Greek economy. EKO continuing its policy of providing high quality products, with added value for the consumer along with ensuring the performance and quality of its products, created the Diesel Avio.

With the introduction of the Diesel Avio into the market, EKO established the need of providing higher fuel efficiency and driving quality to the consumer which resulted in all other oil companies following by offering new differentiated high performance fuels.

Moreover great success-result of the new product to the community is the trust that the client feels for the diesel fuel purchased from EKO along with his satisfaction for the highest efficiency, economy and quality offered, which are reflected in the increase of sales (see. Benefits for the company). The ever-increasing penetration of DIESEL AVIO Double Filtered over simple diesel results in almost one in four customers choosing it for its benefits in 2018.

The introduction of the new product DIESEL Avio led to an increase of the company’s market share by strengthening the consumer's intention to frequently visit EKO fuel stations. More specifically according to the official records of the Company, a 15% increase in the volumes of automotive diesel has been recorded for 2015, compared to 2014, accompanied by a 1% increase in market share. In addition it strengthened the consumer confidence that EKO provides quality and efficient products improving credibility towards consumers.