Eurobank S.A.

Eurobank’s collaboration with Non-profit Organizations in the context of Environmental and Social contribution

Contributing to the society and the environment, through the collaboration with and the support of the activity of Non Profit Organizations (NPOs), with the contribution of employees, customers and the Bank itself.

Vulnerable social groups, mostly children, supported by NGOs and foundations, as well as contribution to organizations focusing on environmental protection.

Eurobank's collaboration with NGOs has been long-standing, (Indicatively, cooperation with WWF Hellas started in 2000) and is constantly expanded and strengthened.


Eurobank systematically cooperates with NGOs, supporting actions and initiatives related to society and the environment.

  • WWF Eurobank Visa: the outcome of the partnership between Eurobank and WWF Hellas, to finance environmental protection actions, it is the first "green" product ever issued by a Greek bank and launched in 2000.
  • EuroLine: since 2000, Eurobank has designed and offered the EuroLine card. Part of the product’s total turnover is donated to PNOE- Friends of Children's Intensive Care association whose objective is to create and equip paediatric intensive care units and to support children hospitalised in intensive care units and their parents.
  • EuroLine Style: Eurobank in cooperation with Fashion Targets Breast Cancer’s campaign launched in 2004 the very first credit card addressed to women only. Eurobank has been consistently supporting the campaign’s effort in Greece, actively contributing to the attainment of its goals, i.e. to inform and raise awareness among women about the importance of prevention and timely diagnosis of breast cancer.


  • Support to Fire-Stricken Regions of East Attica:
  • Following the destructive fires that hit East Attica in July 2018 and a relevant announcement by the Bank, and driven by its deep sense of responsibility and commitment to giving back to society, Eurobank continued its Corporate Social Responsibility programme with consistency, aiming to support and rebuild the fire-stricken areas. In this context, and after working closely with the Municipality of Rafina-Pikermi, in 2019 it concluded the reconstruction of the Playground on Chrystomou Smyrnis Square, Neos Voutzas. This area, which was a central entertainment point for the local children, had been completely
  • destroyed by the fire. Now that it is has been completed and is fully equipped, it welcomes children and parents from the surrounding areas. Eurobank was the exclusive sponsor of the project, taking into account all the safety requirements and technical specifications necessary to construct such a project.
  • Basketball Court Donated at the SOS Children's Village in Vari
  • Focusing on initiatives that assist children in real need, for yet another year, the Bank supported The Smile of the Child association and the SOS Children's Villages Greece. The Bank has placed special donation boxes in Eurobank branches.


In 2018, Eurobank took another new and decisive step in its quest for a better society, with the creation of the volunteer team "Team up". 726 employees of Team up from all over Greece joined forces and through an organized framework began to carry out actions that meet the needs of Greek society

WWF Hellas, Target-Prevention Greek Society for Cancer Prevention, Apostoli, the Smile of the Child association and the SOS Children's Villages Greece,  PNOE- Friends of Children's Intensive Care association, ethelon, and over 40 non-profit organizations and institutions.


726 employees from all over Greece are registered as members in Team up actions, while all Bank employees have the opportunity to participate in all other initiatives (eg provision of goods).

The actions took place in Athens, Thessaloniki, while banking products are available throughout the Bank's Branch Network

Banking products:

  • WWF Eurobank Visa: Eurobank paid part of the card’s income, equal to €50,544.63, to WWF Hellas in order to promote the WWF foundation. Thus far, WWF Hellas has received more than €1.6 million through WWF Eurobank Visa for the financing of environmental protection actions
  • Euroline: the Bank donates 0.20% of the total amount of transactions made by Euroline holders using it, which in 2019 amounted to € 26,750 out of approximately 27,000 active cards.
  • EuroLine Style: In 2019, there were 6000 active EuroLine Style credit cards. Eurobank donates 0.15% of the EuroLine Style card’s annual turnover to the “Target-Prevention” Greek Society for Cancer Prevention.  In 2019, the amount from the use of these cards totaled to approximately € 8,680 and was allocated to support the organization in order to inform and educate the female population about the value of breast cancer prevention.


In 2019, Eurobank supported about 40 non-profit organizations and institutions that operate inside and outside Athens and support mainly children but also vulnerable social groups.

Team up:

Indicatively the actions for 2019 were:

  • Supporting of the Model National Nursery
  • Saronida Beach Clean-up
  • Restoration of the “Panayia Eleousa” Home for the Elderly
  • Summer Kits for Children
  • Donation to the 6th Primary School of Kaisariani
  • Social Cooking
  • Bazaar to Support the NGOs:Amimoni, Equal Society, Estia and Museum of Greek Children’s Art.


Contributing to actions aiming to empowering vulnerable social groups and protecting the environment is an integral part of Eurobank's Corporate Responsibility philosophy and its role as a corporate citizen. The benefits for the Bank itself are:

  • The Bank’s role as a corporate citizen is reinforced
  • Voluntary actions planned and implemented, promote awareness and reinforce employees' sense of contribution
  • The promotion of banking products is enhanced. In 2019, the total number of active WWF Eurobank Visa credit cards was 18,443, Euroline cards 27,000 and EuroLine Style cards 6,000.