FrieslandCampina Hellas

FrieslandCampina Hellas: A CSR initiative “Care and Love” , objective of which is to support society and combat against hunger and poverty.

The systematic support towards our fellow citizens, who are in need, all over Greece with dairy products of our company (NOYNOY-MILNER-DEBIC) through organizations, NGOs, municipalities and other bodies.

Our fellow human beings in society supported  through organizations and bodies  with the  distribution of  dairy products on daily basis  or due to exceptional conditions (e.g. weather events, earthquakes, health crisis, etc)

From 2011 and continues today.

FrieslandCampina Hellas with the initiave "Care and Love" offers dairy products such as milk, cheese, baby food, butter and yogurt for CSR purposes. Throughout the initiative’s timeframe, the company has actively supported with donations more than 440 institutions, NGOs and social organizations. The total offer in the last 10 years amounts to € 2,041,525*. With this, FrieslandCampina Hellas supports institutions such as orphanages, nursing homes, municipality grocery shops, meal centers, rehabilitation centers, municipalities, Churches and local government organizations and special structures, which offer assistance to adults and families facing financial challenges or are in a state of emergency. Importantly the initiative, that "runs" on a daily basis, also aims at zero waste management, so that no food product, within its life cycle, goes to waste. 

For 2020 alone, 508 deliveries of products worth 492,000 euros were made, while 382,730 lt of milk and 288,372 cups of yogurt were offered.

* pre-VAT


The recent emergency relief initiative under the  "Care and Love" initiative  aimed to help residents of areas under quarantine conditions or experiencing exceptional difficulties due to the coronavirus throughout Greece, entitled "NOYNOY. From one end of Greece to the other” (3/20-5/20), was realized with the auspices of the Central Association of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE), and embedded in the program "Help at Home" of  Municipalities and similar programs. The company also works closely with "BOROUME", the non-profit organization for the  reduction of  food waste and combat malnutrition throughout Greece. Furthermore, the company consistently supports NGOs that focus on children care such as  SOS children's villages, The Smile of the Child the Arc of the World and other institutions.

Employees are actively involved in the implementation of the initiative, while FrieslandCampina Hellas and unites a large chain of solidarity also with  its partners to grow the contribution ie trade marketing initiative with super market My Market and Arc of the World, at the beginning of 2020, offering more than 27.000 glasses of NOYNOY milk to the children of the organization.

Realized with the cooperation of organizations and municipalities throughout Greece (see attached list.)

Support our fellow citizens in need of dairy products so that they feel that they are not alone in difficulties, creating an inclusive environment and that our company with solidarity, empathy, care and love stands beside them. The thank you letters that are received every day are  proof that the initiave has tangible results that also motivate us to continue.

The recent emergency relief dairy supply program in the areas in need due to coronavirus (3/2020-5/2020) distributed more than 1,900,000 glasses of NOYNOY milk and 140,000 cups of NOYNOY yogurt, supporting more than 45 organizations and 40 municipalities throughout the country. The aim of the program was to cover the ten largest municipalities such as Athens, Thessaloniki, Piraeus, Heraklion, Larisaia, Volos, Peristeri, Rhodes, Ioannina, Pyrgos, as well as areas that were quarantined at that time e.g. Damascene and Dragasia of the Municipality of Voios, Echinos of the Municipality of Myki, Mesopotamia of the Municipality of Kastoria, Foustani Almopias in Pella, supporting more than 44,000 of our fellow human beings.