The HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group’s objective is to contribute towards a smoother response to the pandemic for the benefit of the country and its citizens.

Since the beginning of the Pandemic, the Group has implemented a holistic program for dealing with the pandemic, which includes targeted actions covering not only the  needs of the Greek National Health System, but also those of Society.

The Group’s total social contribution to address the pandemic is the largest given by a business Group amounting to 8 million euros.

Of main concern is reinforcing the National Health System and contributing to Society through a series of donations for medical equipment and consumables. This action has provided aid and support in the unprecedented situation caused by the Pandemic that our country is facing.

This important action contributes to the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 for Good Health and Well Being.

Targeted at the country’s Covid-19 pandemic reporting Hospitals as well as National Health System’s Hospital Units, remote Health Centers, Law enforcement bodies, neighboring Municipalities as well as the municipalities of Athens, Kifissia, Thessaloniki and Kozani, Social Pharmacies , nursing homes, NGOs, Institutions, as well as consumers and primary school students.

From the beginning of the Pandemic (March 2020) until today. Actions to address the pandemic are expected to continue in 2021.

HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group proceeded with the following targeted actions to fight against the pandemic, under two main pillars:

A. Contribution to the National Health System:

  • Donation of 10 SARS COVID diagnostic systems to reporting country hospitals and  National Health System hospital units: ATTIKON, AHEPA, THRIASSIO, 251 AIR FORCE HOSPITAL, RHODES HOSPITAL and SYROS HOSPITAL.
  • More than 100,000 test kits for molecular tests (PRC). Thus, ensuring the increase of molecular tests (PCR) in our country by 20,000 tests daily.
  • Donation of 50 Respirators to the Ministry of Health to support  the ICUs.
  • Donation of 50 state of the art high oxygen flow therapy devices to the Ministry of Health, contributing significantly to alleviating crowding in the ICUs, since their use avoids patient intubation to a large extent.
  • Donation of biosafety chamber as well as donation of respiratory equipment to equip ATTIKON hospital, donation of an ultrasound scanner to “Agia Varvara” Hospital, as well as donation of 2 disinfecting air machines at the General Hospital of Ionia“Konastantinopouleio”.

B. Contribution to Society:

  • 1.5 million liters of motor fuel for the air transport of medical equipment and consumables, in cooperation with Aegean Airlines in Greece and Cyprus, and for the daily disinfection of the facilities’ neighboring Municipalities as well as the municipalities of Athens, Kifissia and Thessaloniki.Donation of 2,000 test kits to the UOA Medical School to carry out inspections in structures of the Attica Region.
  • Donation of 3,000 rapid coronavirus diagnostic tests to the municipality of Kozani.
  • In addition, in the Attica Region, the cost of disinfecting school buildings was covered.
  • A  5% reduced price on EKO Heating Oil as well as 12 interest-free installments were provided with all Hellenic Bank credit cards, during both lockdowns.
  • Donation >85,000 Personal Protective Equipment (masks, disposable gloves) and medicine to hospitals, law enforcement bodies, Municipalities and Organizations ("PAPANIKOLAOU" Hospital, the National First Aid Centers (EKAB) of West Attica and West Thessaloniki Municipalities, Municipality of Megistis-Kastellorizo, Hellenic Police Officers Association, Hellenic Cancer Society, Economic Chamber of Greece, Attica Prefecture).
  • Donations to NGOs and Institutions to support with the provision of services, due to the increased needs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic (SYMPLEFSI, GALILEA, GIVMED, ELEPAP).
  • Organization of a digital educational program to occupy primary school children and donation of electronic equipment to meet the needs of distance learning.

With posts on the internet and on Social Media, we make sure to inform all interested parties about the Group's contribution to the Society and the National Health System.

Collaboration with the Ministry of Health and all the reporting Hospitals, indicative of which  are the following: THRIASSIO, ATTIKON, ST. BARBARA, IONIA KONSTANTOPOULIO, AHEPA, 251 AIR FORCE HOSPITAL, HOSPITAL OF RHODES and HOSPITAL OF SYROS. Cooperation with Health Centers, the Attica Region, National First Aid Centers (EKAB), Aegean airlines for the transport of medical supplies, and the 12 repatriation flights and 17 flights for the transfer of medical supplies, with neighboring Municipalities both for the sending medical equipment and for donating fuel for disinfections, with the Municipality of Athens, Thessaloniki and Kozani, the Municipality of Megistis-Kastelorizo, the Hellenic Police Officers Association, the Hellenic Cancer Society, the Economic Chamber of Greece. Cooperation with the organizations GIVEMED, ELEPAP, GALILAIA, SYMPLEFSI.

Employee engagement in all actions related to addressing the Pandemic was decisive for all the communication carried out in order to achieve the Group’s donations and sponsorships for the National Health System and for Society.  Selection and management of actions to be implemented by the Group is undertaken by competent Group executives in collaboration with the Ministry of Health’s coordinating authority, in order to maximize and accelerate the positive results in managing this crisis.

Cooperation between CSR, procurement, accounting, marketing, internal and external communication departments was also required in order, for all actions related to Covid-19, to be accomplished within strict timeframes as well as communicated properly and directly to the public, to stakeholders and to employees. Clearly, employees and suppliers communicated regarding all the medical equipment.

 Employees who participated in this important project, responded promptly and effectively, realizing their role in an organization that has a sense of responsibility to Society and State.

Attica, Thessaloniki, Kozani, Greek islands, neighboring Municipalities of Thriasio and Western Thessaloniki.

To date, within the context of this action, there are significant positive results for the NHS and for society because with donations of more than 100,000 test kits, an increase in molecular tests by 20,000 tests per day were ensured in our country. With all the medical equipment, shortages were reduced in both reporting hospitals and hospital units in the country. In neighboring Municipalities as well as the Municipalities of Athens and Thessaloniki benefited in many ways because, in addition to supporting hospitals with equipment, respirators and hygienic material, the Group provided fuel for regular disinfection requirements. In addition, law enforcement, nursing homes, schools, institutions benefited from the donation of Personal Protective Equipment.

Through its steady contribution, the HELPE Group not only proves its role as a responsible corporate citizen, but also creates significant benefits for the country, when the State, society and companies join forces.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the true value of social actions taken by sustainable businesses on a global scale. During all this time, we are going through an unprecedented situation regarding the pandemic and we observe companies all over the world coming together, despite their financial uncertainty, in order to support their employees, society, the health sector and their brand quality.

Similarly, having a sharpened sense of Corporate Social Responsibility, the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group remains a source of aid, support and assistance to society in the midst of the unprecedented health crisis.

Moreover, the Group is distinguished for its resilience, in a period of crisis ensuring energy security for the country and maintaining all the necessary hygienic measures for its employee’s health in the Group facilities, but also that of its customers who visit its gas stations for refueling. It continued its smooth operation, while implementing digital transformation of its processes at an extremely fast pace, in order to ensure work continuity and job positions.

For the ╬ŚELPE Group, benefits are multifaceted. This remarkable holistic program implemented by the Group to address the pandemic in times of crisis, proves its high sense of duty and the social role it plays in Greek society.