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IASO: Marketing Campaign for Breast Month

IASO is the first private maternity and gynecology hospital to launch a marketing campaign using women of influence to spread a very important message about protecting their health.

As we all know, October is dedicated to raising awareness for breast cancer. Standing by women and using the message “Take it from the Top”, IASO informed women about how important a mammography is for early diagnosis, through Greek influencers.

We chose women with a strong influence on social media who have given birth at IASO, as well as young presenters and journalists with shows on TV and sent them a free mammography as a gift. This way each influencer communicated in her own way this Awareness Month and encouraged the rest of the women to get tested and not to neglect themselves.

The gift was sent in very nice packaging (branded gift bag with the Breast Center logo, and a premium folder with a one-page brochure of the campaign and a one-page personalized, signed letter) and accompanying gifts, such as a notepad and a magnet with instructions on how to perform self-examination once a month.

The main directions the campaign was based on were:

1. Offers for the necessary exams at special rates.

2. Launch of the IASO Gift Card for Mammography.

3. Social media contest for 20 free-of-charge Mammographies

The landing page of the action with the creative concept is available here:

Encompassing the health of women in its DNA, IASO has managed to maintain its leading position, not just as the No. 1 Maternity Hospital with the most deliveries in Greece, but also as the largest Maternity and Gynecology Hospital in Europe, with millions of women having placed their trust in its top-of-the-range healthcare services.

Its national and European firsts, its recognition as a Top Hospital, its multiple awards, its innovation, its quality services and its continuous development are testament to the credibility and strong momentum of IASO.

IASO also has the largest Breast Center in Greece, managing more than 800 breast cancer cases every year. Raising awareness among women for such an important issue is our duty and right from the start, we believed that the influencers would embrace this action and contribute to the success of the campaign in their own way.

You can find out detailed information about the IASO Breast Center here:

Women over 35 years old

It ran for one month. Specifically, October 2020 for the Breast Month.

On the occasion of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in October 2020 IASO launched a campaign with the main motto: “Take it from the Top, to beat it”. Breast cancer can be cured if detected early.

The campaign was of a social character and aimed to inform the public of how important early diagnosis is in breast cancer. It also aimed to raise awareness and remind the female population of the importance of prevention and of getting a mammography annually.

Standing by women and using the message “Take it from the Top”, IASO informed women about how important a mammography is for early diagnosis, through Greek influencers. It also offered all the necessary diagnostic breast tests at special rates for every woman scheduling an appointment in October. Meanwhile, it hosted a contest on social media, offering 20 digital mammographies free of charge.

The great challenge is to make the most of the public relations we have built over the last few years, specifically with women of influence on social media, so we may get as close as possible and effectively inform women and the general public of the importance of breast cancer prevention. Understanding the power of influencer marketing in our times, it was a great opportunity for us to make the most of our emotional bond with women of influence for the common good.

The audience we wanted to reach out to was women over 35 years old.

The results of the action were spectacular!

We contacted 34 influencers, 24 of whom responded, meaning 70.5%! They posted 43 Instagram stories in total and 1 Instagram post.

Communication was through social media and reached 4.8M people.

Total (PR) value reached 39K euros.

With regard to the @omilosiaso page:

Our Instagram followers went by 3.7% in the period 19/10/2020 - 02/11/2020.

Total reach from restories: 38,896

Total impressions from restories: 42,122

Note that the PR budget for this action was €0 and it was managed exclusively by the IASO Marketing Team.

IASO paves the way yet again, as it is the only hospital to be awarded at the Influencer Marketing Awards 2020, with a gold award for the Breast Month campaign. The award fell under the “Best Occasion-based Influencer Marketing” category of the “Best Influencer Marketing Strategy” section.

The benefits included increased brand awareness for the IASO Breast Center, which is the largest in Greece, growing reputation for IASO, increased cases and turnover, increased loyalty and strengthening of the corporate image of IASO, the largest hospital in Greece.