IQbility, the Quest Group incubator supports startups

IQbility focuses on the emergence of new talented people and the promotion of Greek innovation, the dissemination of Greek added value in international markets, as well as the corporate contribution to society, the labor market and the containment of intellectual capital leakage.

Startups directly associated with technology

From April 2013 and ongoing

IQbility is an incubator for new business activities in the field of Technology, created and supported exclusively by the Quest Group.

In order to participate in the incubation program of IQbility, business groups submit their proposal to and are evaluated on the basis of four criteria: a) the group of factors b) the broad and international product perspective c) the integration of innovative characteristics; and (d) the initial implementation sample. For the groups that are eventually selected, the hatching program has a twelvemonth duration and focuses on setting up the business, if it has not already been set up, to complete the product and to take the first steps on the market. The funding comes from both the Quest's own funds and co-investments with other venture capital funds or even private investors (angels, seed funds, etc.).

In addition, IQbility covers accounting and legal support services, complete office infrastructure, cloud hosting, workstations and various kinds of technical infrastructure. In steady collaboration with international technology companies (Microsoft, Rackspace, HP, IBM- Softlayer, Moosend), IQbility offers free-of-charge business services to facilitate their first steps. Also important is the contribution of experienced Quest Group executives and entrepreneurs from the domestic and international environment who have time offering mentoring and coaching.

The up-to-date new businesses supported by IQbility are:

Offerial (2013): Application that links hotels and prospective customers and offers personalized hosting information.

Captainwise (2013): A system that proposes combinations of hotels and airline tickets to different destinations according to the amount available and the dates the user wishes to travel.

Pollfish (2013): An online service that offers anyone the ability to easily and quickly conduct surveys in the form of questionnaires without having to find people to complete their research. (2014): Helps system administrators and developers, simplify server management and tracking, drastically reduce their response time, and increase service uptime.

e-Nios (2014): A computational platform with advanced computational intelligence that provides automated, massive analysis of complex gene data to develop new diagnostic methods and personalized therapies.

Panelsensor (2014): An application ideal for conferencing organizers, helping to interact with the audience and providing a wealth of statistics and metrics, as well as a modern tool for measuring ROI sponsorship.

Allcancode (2015): A company that develops an educational system based on an online adventure game, with which children aged 6 to 12 learn to program computers.

Reembed (2016): Software for viewing online video content and advertisements.

Accusonus (2016): A company that develops software for the music industry based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Roadcube (2016): an application for purchasing products and services for drivers and their payment via mobile

Blendo (2016): application for exporting, managing and uploading data from e-shops and websites in the form of Software as a Service)

Flexfin (2018): New Generation Online Banking Services

Since its inception in April 2013, IQbility has made four rounds of proposals, and has also participated in a number of actions and competitions, workshops, presentations, competitions and has given 1-1 feedback to hundreds of young entrepreneurs.

 IQbility has participated as a judge at Startup Weekends in Volos and Patras as a mentor at the Startup Bootcamp of the Athens University of Economics and Business, in the "Together at Starter" program of SEV, at Orange Grove pitch sessions and as a promoter and reviewer in the Digital Competitions innovation of Athens International Airport, Digital Gate. At the same time, it has contributed to the promotion of the idea of ​​innovative entrepreneurship in events, including: "Business Days" (co-organized with iSquare, Quest Group), "Panorama of Entrepreneurship" at the Athens University of Economics and Business, "Innovating for Privacy "and" InfoCom "," Open Coffee "meetings in Thessaloniki and Patras and others. In addition, there is cooperation with other actors of the ecosystem startup, funds incubators etc. for exchange of resources and know-how.

Specialist executives of the Quest Group companies act as mentors in business groups, contributing with their experience in making the right decisions.


IQbility is the only private initiative of a Greek company that, along with incubation, systematically funds early Greek companies in the early stages. In its 5 years of operation, IQbility has evolved into an important structure to support, mature and promote the development of the ecosystem, and to promote innovation and entrepreneurship more widely across society. It has systematically supported 12 teams and has invested in 10 of them with a sum of € 1,000,000, helping to raise altogether more than € 10,000,000 from other investors. It has contributed to the creation of more than 100 specialized jobs in the Greek market, which are constantly increasing, while 9 teams have already made their first steps in international markets.

Contributing to the creation of a broader, quality business culture in the country, the emergence of Greek know-how and innovative innovation in the international business environment and potential business synergies with newcomers are the benefits to the Quest Group.