KETHEA MOSAIC: Intercultural transitional non residential programme

KETHEA MOSAIC aims to offer individual and group counselling, motivation, family support, education, legal advice, help with entering employment, health care, and referrals to health networks and welfare services. KETHEA MOSAIC also provides immediate, accessible and flexible support to migrant and refugee drug addicts to help them on the path to recovery and social integration, as well as support to their families and partners.

Addicted immigrants and refugees.

1 year

KETHEA MOSAIC Centre seeks to facilitate the social integration of migrants and refugees. In doing so, it introduces therapeutic principles (such as self-help, mutual help and self-management) into the psycho-social support services it provides. Its services prioritize prevention and counselling on health care, work, family relationships, legal procedures, racism, delinquency, drug abuse, violence and marginalisation. "Steki", a multicultural club in Agios Panteleimon, provides counselling to young immigrants aged 16 to 25 and organises activities designed to promote their social integration and personal development as well as raising awareness of migrant and refugee issues in the area.

KETHEA MOSAIC adopts a multicultural approach and relies on the work of a group of volunteers which includes individuals who have made use of the Centre’s services themselves in the past. KETHEA MOSAIC liaises with migrant and refugee communities and fosters personal empowerment and social interaction. The Centre also co-operates with migrant and refugee associations and other social support services.

NGOs targeting immigrants, Amnesty International.

10 employees


Almost 600 persons receive services on annual basis.

Development of KETHEA network and reach out to new populations with special needs, such as immigrants.