MYTILINEOS practical commitment to the G.E.F.Y.R.A.

The G.E.F.Y.R.A program aims to create a new model of supply by companies of quality positions "preparation for employment" in 3 axes:

  • apprenticeship
  • internship
  • vocational training (traineeship)

with the ultimate goal of converting a significant number of them into permanent jobs, reducing the skills gap and through it contributing to tackling youth unemployment, halting the phenomenon of brain drain abroad.

The participation and consequently the commitment of MYTILINEOS concerns the years 2017-2020

MYTILINEOS participation in the G.E.F.Y.R.A. (Greek Enterprises For Youth Reinforcement Acceleration), is done in collaboration with CSR HELLAS, which implemented the program during the two years 2015-2017 as a national partner of CSR Europe in Greece, in combination with its participation in the European apprenticeship program (Eu talent), formally signing the relevant commitment. Utilizing its experience from programs it has implemented (ENGINEERS IN PRACTICE and NEW GENERATION IN ACTION) which are directly related to the goals of the initiative, the company undertook to undertake to:

  • allocate a certain number of paid "preparation for employment" positions in one or more of the 3 axes: Internship, Vocational training (traineeship), Apprenticeship
  • incorporate the quality criteria of the Program in the company's actions for these positions
  • develop a framework for cooperation with academic community actors for joint action to fill the "skills gap"
  • contributes to the implementation of dissemination and communication actions of the Program
  • examine its participation in the program "Adopt an SME" with coverage, by our company, of the cost of apprenticeship of young people (for the part not covered by OAED) who are employed in SMEs of the supply chain 

with the ultimate goal of the company's contribution to tackling youth unemployment and their integration into the labor market.

Yes cooperation with the CSR HELLAS network.

Yes (CSR teams and General Directorate of Human Resources)

MYTILINEOS headquarters in Athens.

The two actions that have been planned under the program are in progress, and the first results will appear within the second half of 2018. These actions are:

  • The implementation of the NEW renewed program ENGINEERS IN PRACTICE that will cover all Business Areas of MYTILINEOS.
  • The start of cooperation with the Athens University of Economics and Business to support the institution of the Youth Entrepreneurship Summer program (YES).

Benefits for MYTILINEOS from its participation in the program are:

  • contribute to tackling the problem of skills gap,
  • attracting new talent and through their retention contribute to tackling the problem of brain drain abroad,
  • strengthening the image of the company as an active citizen and responsible employer,
  • improving the quality of apprenticeships / internships / vocational training programs,
  • Strengthening supply chain relations ("Adopt an SME" program),
  • support for the development of synergies and partnerships with the academic community,
  • promotion of the company in events and productions of the program at national and European level.