TOPIC Initiatives on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic


MYTILINEOS response to the COVID-19 virus pandemic

MYTILINEOS 'primary goal is the health of its employees and their families, its customers and the local communities that it operates by ensuring a safe and protected working environment, ensuring its uninterrupted operation. The company remains on constant alert to deal with the pandemic, as well as helper in strengthening the national effort, following, from the first moment and long before its development, the national and international directions of prevention and protection, supporting the National Health System and contributing in practice. to society as a whole through a multifaceted action plan.

MYTILINEOS, addresses its stakeholders and specifically its employees, customers, as well as the local and wider community.

From February 2020 until today.

MYTILINEOS, with a strong sense of responsibility and remaining on constant alert to deal with the COVID 19 pandemic, followed from the first moment and long before its expansion, the national and international directions of prevention and protection, taking strict measures to limit it. Indicatively proceeded to the following:

  1. For the protection of its employee
  • Establishment of a special team (Covid Management Team).
  • Preparation of a comprehensive preventive action plan two weeks before the first case occurs in the country, which is updated based on developments and timely taking of increased hygiene measures.
  • Specialized instructions and special care for employees belonging to vulnerable groups.
  • Maintaining physical distance and avoiding social distance (social distancing).
  • Activation of teleworking and implementation of online meetings using technology via Teams / Skype / Teleconference.
  • Creation of a special microsite "SARS-CoV-2 What I need to know", as well as the establishment of "HR Call Center" for continuous information of employees about the measures and instructions of the Company.
  • Regular Disinfection Program on a fortnightly basis.
  • Application of the measure of daily thermometry to all employees and direct communication with the doctor of the company in case of illness.
  • Regular distribution of a special individual package per employee that includes masks and antiseptics.
  • Installation of antiseptic containers at key points of the premises.
  • Suspension of operation of feeding areas and reopening with specific conditions and protection measures.
  • Special instructions, based on the relevant circular of the Ministry of Health, to the staff for the proper use of air conditioners.
  • Restriction / Prohibition of business travel.
  • Employees use a mask when moving from their workplace within the company.
  • The Company was prepared for the safe return of the employees and external collaborators with a permanent presence in the company's facilities from their licenses during the Summer period. All employees underwent preventive diagnostic tests, with financial burden of the Company, after a five-day teleworking from the date of return from vacation. The tests were performed either with special ladders in the Company's facilities, or in diagnostic centers cooperating with the Company.
  • In collaboration with diagnostic centers, the company provides preferential prices for conducting tests on first-degree relatives of employees.
  • The development of business continuity plans (Business Continuity) with targeted measures for our production units which are in full force and are adapted according to developments.
  • The creation of a communication and management network consisting of special teams in all the Company's facilities in Greece and abroad.
  • Special precautions at Protergia electricity stores.
  • The creation of a process for the detection and isolation of possible cases of the virus in offices and industrial facilities.
  • Additional special measures in the Metallurgy sector such as: a) interruption of mass transfer of personnel to the aluminum plant by leased buses-encouragement for transport by private vehicle and with the possibility of reimbursing part of the fuel by the Company, b) closing of locker rooms / locker rooms and provision of uniforms c) avoidance of gatherings in control rooms and telephone notification for shift change.

At the financial level, it aimed at:

  • In maintaining the Company's liquidity.
  • Continuing to implement 70% of its investment program and re-evaluating the remaining 30% pending the effects of the pandemic.
  • In the transformation of part of the Company's activities aiming at the dynamic presence in Sustainable Development projects that require high know-how, in view of the large projects that have been announced in our country, in the context of restarting the economy in the post Covid - 19 season.
  • In the provision of an allowance of more than € 1m. to employees in the production lines of the factories for their significant contribution to the smooth operation of the Company.

2. Contributing to the national effort:

  • Donation of consumable medical supplies to the medical staff as well as 15 special respirators for ICU in Clinic A of the educational pathology / AHEPA.
  • Donation of molecular diagnostic platform NeuMoDx Molecular 96 system Molecular detection SARS-COV2 as well as 53 kits with a total of 5,088 molecular detection tests to the MICROBIOLOGICAL GNA "O EVANGELISMOS - OPHTHALMIC EYE.
  • Donation of medical equipment to the General Hospital of Volos.
  • Donation of medical, sanitary and hotel equipment in order to meet the needs of the General Hospital of Serres and to strengthen the capacity of the Hospital to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Participation in the "Digital School for All" program of the Bodossakis Foundation, strengthening the educational system with 100 tablets to students from financially vulnerable families in the Prefecture of Etoloakarnania, facilitating their participation in distance education.
  • Strengthening the program of the Union "Together for the Child" by providing 80 people, who face chronic diseases and serious survival problems, the opportunity to obtain coupons securing their food as well as psychological support.
  • Participation in the program "Protecting grandparents" of the organization "Mission MAN", offering to 105 elderly citizens who live in Non-Profit Nursing Care Units and 51 administrative / nursing staff 3,400 masks and 60,000 g masks.

3. To its customers:

  • Extension of payment deadline.
  • Elimination of extra charges for late payments.
  • Expansion of services. (eg additional free mobile data)
  • New services that focus specifically on customer needs during the pandemic. (eg possibility of online shopping)
  • Creating new applications that facilitate customer service during the pandemic.
  • Modification of working hours of the call center for optimal customer service.
  • Association "Together for the Child"
  • Bodossaki Foundation
  • Civil Non-Profit Company "MISSION Man"
  • Hospitals (University General Hospital of Thessaloniki AHEPA & Evangelismos Hospital, Volos General Hospital, Serres General Hospital)

The initiatives of MYTILINEOS, take place in all its facilities in Greece and abroad where it operates. In addition to contributing to the national effort, it strengthens the education system and the health sector throughout the country.

MYTILINEOS, through the initiatives and actions it has taken and will continue to take to halt the effects of the pandemic, has a significant impact on its stakeholders, employees, and partners, creating a sense of security for its uninterrupted operation. as well as for direct access to health services.

In addition, the company with its contribution to society through its cooperation with Non-Profit Organizations, contributes to the Global Objectives 3 & 4 ("Good Health and Prosperity," Quality Education ") benefiting over 300 people.

MYTILINEOS, at a time when the pandemic poses new challenges and tests the economy internationally, has shown and continues to show strong resilience. Maintaining the operation of all its production units, without problems in the supply chain but also in customer orders, effectively contributing to its shielding and support of the Greek economy without any reduction in the safety of its employees. The Company, focusing on its uninterrupted operation, took strict measures to reduce the potential threat from Covid-19, long before it became a pandemic. Particular emphasis has been and continues to be placed on ensuring its competitiveness and operational efficiency.