Oracle Academy

Oracle Academy, as a free educational programme, aims at awakening and reinforcing students', especially girls, and educators' interest in Computer Science, and developing students and educators'  IT skills, like Java programming, design & programming of database with SQL and PL/SQL, application development (with SQL), AI with machine learning (on Java), cloud,  and various IT trends like big data, Internet of Things, etc. It helps educational institutions of all levels (from Primary school to Higher Education) to update their curricula, expand the offering of CS courses and help students get studies and career-ready, get acquainted with modern technologies that apply to all market sectors, develop IT skills and even achieve in the exams of the respective professional Oracle certifications, so that they can enter quickly in the marketplace. Last but not least, an important part of the programme is providing University students with information and career orientation through the online educational material and various events organized by student associations and Universities-members.

ICT teachers of all levels - primary to higher education- and students age 10+

It was re-launched in Greece in 2010 and it will continue for as long as it is needed.

Non profit, public and private, educational institutions of all levels join for free for 3 years. The educators of the institutions-members gain access to an integrated portfolio of free educational resources that includes:
- Oracle's technology software and always-free Cloud services, that they can use for educational purposes and non profit research, as part of a degree curriculum.  
- free educators’ trainings based on the available curriculum material, on Java programming, database design & programming with SQL and PL/SQL, application development foundations with SQL and artificial intelligence with machine learning on Java
- curriculum in various formats (full courses, workshops, videos, projects, hands-on labs, etc) on programming, database design, application development, cloud and big data, that can be incorporated in the institutions educational programme according to the educators and students’ needs. It can also lead them to taking the exams for professional Oracle certifications associated with the full course curriculum, with significant discounts.
- Last but not least, educators and students can participate in online communities, access the online library, develop partnerships, attend webcasts with Oracle experts, showcase their way of leveraging Oracle Academy, etc.

Special focus has be given to Cloud and the provision of always-free Oracle Cloud platform services and free cloud credits for 1 year, that include the first and only Oracle Autonomous Database, Virtual Machines, Storage etc,so that both educators and University students can get acquainted with this dominating IT trend, develop and test applications in the Cloud.

Additionally, the professional development opportunities for educators have evolved and adapted to modern and current conditions, giving them the opportunity to select and attend online trainings, with the support of Oracle’s instructors, that can be completed at their own pace and time.

Lastly, workshop material for Java, gives students from 10 years old the opportunity to start learning one of the most popular programming languages, Java, in a fun and creative way, reinforcing their self-confidence and helping them choose IT for their studies and career, thus increasing the number of ICT graduates that the market hugely needs at a global level. Free educational software like Alice (3D animation creation) and Greenfoot (games creation), developed by foreign Universities with Oracle’s financial support are part of the publicly available educational material.


Panhellenic Association of IT teachers (PEKAP), Peripheral and Directions of Primary and Secondary schools

Oracle employees from HR, Presales and Consulting attend various students' focused events, sponsored and/or organized by Oracle Academy to share with them information about how their units work and what IT and soft skills are needed for undergraduates to have their internship in Oracle or graduates to get hired even with on working experience.

Greece (international Oracle programme)

Since 2010 that the programme was re-launched in Greece, more than 280 educational institutions have become members, more than 750 ICT educators have completed free trainings and the material is being used with more than 55,000 students. Additionally, the educational software Alice and Greenfoot used in the course Java Fundamentals are included in the CS course of the 1st grade of senior high school and the 3rd grade of the Vocational high schools. The total value grant of this program for Greece in these past 10 years through Oracle Academy exceeds the 400 million euros.

Through the use of the educational material in the Universities members of the programme, the Java programming skills have been enhanced leading to more students doing their internship or even graduates being hired by Oracle Hellas. Both, Oracle and its ecosystem of customers and partners need people with programming skills. By enhancing the opportunities for developing such skills even from the primary school, we give young people, and especially girls/women, the opportunity to love IT and turn to ICT University studies or ICT related jobs, with the hope that in the future the gap between the availble IT jobs and the IT skilled people will not be as big as it is today.