“Our world, a better world.”,, microsite of 2015 OTE Group Sustainability Report.

In trying to meet the needs of more sophisticated and demanding readers and analysts the texts of the CR Reports are - in several occasions - highly technical and detailed.

To further improve communication of corporate responsibility performance to stakeholders, particularly to less specialized groups, OTE Group has, for the first time, created an independent platform (, where the Report is presented in a simpler and more understandable way. Using interactive tools, the general public is invited to tour the most important "stories" of the Report, which have been "decoded" in order to guide through the reader to better acquaint oneself with the actions of the companies of OTE Group.

The Report addresses all major Stakeholder groups recognized by the Companies who are as follows:

  • Customers and potential customers
  • Companies
  • Science, research and education institutions
  • NGOs and interested groups
  • Media
  • State / Government Institutions
  • Employees, potential employees and their representatives
  • Suppliers
  • Shareholders, bondholders, investors and analysts

The microsite is targeted to all of the above groups and particularly to the less specialized groups.

To microsite is consistent with the 2015 OTE Group Sustainability Report, i.e. it covers the time period from January 1st till December 31st, 2015.

The microsite has been designed and created in order to communicate, in the most appealing way the Sustainability Report, to a broader audience. It has innovative tools and applications, in order to give the audience what is considered to be more interesting: the “stories” behind the numbers, stories in which the employees have the leading role, together with the social groups who benefit from the Company’s activities. The topics are essential as well as relevant with the interests and priorities of the public, with which everyone can relate and reproduce in its’ daily life.

The website is substantially different from previous years, since it is structured to present in an eloquent way all the material issues to be appealing even to the less specialized audience.

It has been created to offer to all users the possibility, as well as the ability, to become “fellow travelers”. With the use of video, interactive infographics and social media buttons, with “ready to share” content, the audience can easily navigate to “A Better World” and to evaluate it.

More specifically the tools that can be used for this travel are:

  • the url  and the call to action slogan: “Because, GOOD grows when you share it”
  • the easy navigation and the pleasant user experience
  • the more condensed information and direct connection to social media apps 
  • the 11 videos, with the active participation of employees, which highlight their work and increase their  engagement
  • the 10 infographics, 5 of which are  interactive and 4 animated charts, strengthen the storytelling and facilitate the user to receive and spread the information
  • the real world images, with real people in the leading role
  • the full responsive design for mobile and tablet devises  
  • the mobile friendly user experience
  • the survey  
  • the communication form

The users can also be transferred at the relevant section of the PDF version of the Report and save it offline.

There has been no cooperation with other associations.

There is an integrated OTE - COSMOTE CR Team, with 50 representatives from all the companies' operations, that works on preparation of the Report and its microsite. Moreover, 12 OTE Group Executive Directors, or their representatives, and 3,387 representatives from all stakeholder groups, participated in prioritizing OTE and COSMOTE material issues.

The microsite covers the operations and activities of OTE and COSMOTE in Greece and it is available in Greek as well as in English.

The 2015 CR Report microsite, enables the readers to:

  • Be informed in a plain and understandable way of OTE and COSMOTE actions and performance on the mot material issues, as identified by all stakeholders.
  • Have quick access to information via audiovisual applications (videos, quick links, etc.).
  • Navigate information in a friendly online environment.
  • Experience easier navigation.
  • Have the opportunity to share information through social media.

Moreover, all of the above contribute to the facilitation of the understanding of the Reports’ information, based on the individual needs of every reader, thus enhancing the “customer experience”.

The benefits for OTE and COSMOTE include better information of all their stakeholders, who are given the opportunity to see the full picture of the two companies, and thus to evaluate them on their CR actions, more accurately. The more interactive presentation of the CR Report aims to attract more readers. The statistics of the Report’s microsite demonstrate the users’ response. In the first 3 weeks since the issue of the Report 1,311 users visited the microsite, with 17,668page views. The 41% of the users visited Sustainability Report site, was 25-34 years old