Preparation of a study entitled "Development of a model water system for rainwater management in the area Gerovouno (Kamatero) and their drainage in the Environmental Awareness Park "Antonis Tritsis" in the context of the LIFE-IP AdaptIn

Climate change adaptation and urban resilience.

Residents of the Municipality of AAK, especially, residents of the area of the Municipal Community of Kamatero.


The action aims to collect the rainwater of the area of West Gerovouno, a particularly affected area of Kamatero, as evidenced by the increased damage during the recent floods (2014 and 2015), and their management, exploitation and drainage in the "A. Tritsis" 

Environmental Awareness Park.

In particular, the first phase of the pilot action, concerns the elaboration of a complex study (Hydrological and Hydraulic, Topographic survey, Static reservoir study, Electromechanical study of pumping stations and fire extinguishing systems, Phytotechnical study) that will determine the amount of water in the rainwater network in the area of West Gerovouno, with the method of flood passage through a reservoir. The storage and finally the routing of the flood supply of the rainwater network through a reservoir, will finally regulate the drainage of the total flood hydrography, in the Park "A. Tritsis", serving 2 simultaneous objectives. The relief of the urban area of Kamatero from floods and their creative use for the balancing of the negative water balance of the water system of the Park. The complex study (Hydrological and Hydraulic, Topographic survey, Static reservoir study, Electromechanical study of pumping stations and fire extinguishing systems, Phytotechnical study) will determine the reservoir / reservoir that will concern the management of stormwater as mentioned above, which is adjacent to the "A. Tritsis" Park and the "THEOTOKOS" Foundation. In addition, it will determine the most beneficial management of the water of the tank within the courtyard of the School Complex with the simultaneous possibility of drainage to the neighboring public benefit institution for the Protection and Rehabilitation of Children and Youth with Mental Retardation "THEOTOKOS" before drainage in the Park "A. Tritsis".

Water management includes a number of actions that will be of environmental and educational interest, such as:

- Creation of green spaces with tree planting in various places in the yard of the school complex.

- Creating an environmental awareness space in the form of a botanical garden.

- Use of stored water for cleaning the school outdoor areas.

- Firefighting.

During the 2nd Phase of the Pilot Action, proposals are foreseen for the management of the drained waters in the stream of Pyrgos Vassilissis that runs through the Park. In the current situation, after the end of the central collector from the rainwater network of the 

area of West Gerovouno, the rainwater ends up in an unformed swampy area within the Park "A. Tritsis". Part of it goes to the reservoir system of the Park while the rest is diffused unexploited. Innovation is also applied there, strengthening the Municipal will for sustainability and creative environmental interventions aimed at improving the quality of life and environmental protection.

In the context of the 2nd Phase of the Pilot Action, initially by Municipality of AAK, a study proposal is conducted for the conversion of the swamp where the water is collected after leaving the main collector, into a reservoir with the attendants its works, ie overflows, evacuators, canals, etc. The aim is to contribute to the regulation of the water balance of the Park "A. Tritsis" and to preserve the uniqueness of the biodiversity of the microclimate of the Park, through water adequacy. It is mentioned that the Municipality of AAK through this pilot action, manages to connect the LIFE-IP program with the pre-eminent environmental factor, in West Athens, the Environmental Awareness Park "Antonis Tritsis", which is a lung of green 1,000 acres.

This study, in essence, concerns the water management of rainwater in the area of West Gerovouno, by creating a small complete water system, which will be a pilot action, by creating specifications, recording and evaluating the results for both the local community in terms of health and environment. It will be a guide for the construction of similar projects within the boundaries of the Municipality, but, also in other cities. The feasibility of the study consists in the fact that water storage is important for the preparation of environmental projects and firefighting projects. The general management and exploitation of rainwater runoff is of great importance for the saving of water resources, as general forecasts of climate change raise the possibility of water scarcity.

The Municipal Authority, setting as a priority the flood protection of the areas with increased risk, aims at the standardization of the project for the promotion of similar interventions inside and outside the boundaries of the Municipality. In addition, the findings will be able to enrich the knowledge base and be a model project for the management of local systems and the construction of similar projects.

In addition, the idea of this project has the potential to acquire a private character of initiative as it could be extended to the implementation of smaller systems per property. In particular, a small tank could be built on the lawns of the properties to store the rainwater of the rooms. Apart from the importance of storing the water that would be lost, at the same time with this process a possible flood phenomenon is lagging behind in an often affected area.

In order to protect the planet from climate change, it is certain that several factors must change. In addition to public policy and the contribution of technology, it is certain that the burden will be lifted by local communities who will be called upon to change their behavior in order to both adapt to climate change and change lifestyles.

The adaptation strategy will only be effective if it is carried out through mutual cooperation procedures as well as if it is reviewed periodically, in order to take into account the high degree of uncertainty both in terms of future climate and in terms of how the world community is consistently following the path required for this goal.

Along with Municipality of AAK, 19 partners participate in the implementation of the LIFE IP AdaptInGr, which are the following: Ministry of Environment and Energy (Coordinator), National Technical University of Athens, Green Fund, Association of Greek Regions, Central Union of Municipalities, National Center of Environment and Sustainable Development, Region of Sterea Ellada, Region of West Greece, Region of Ionian Islands, Municipality of Katerini, Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Komotini, Municipality of Larissa, Municipality of Rhodes, Academy of Athens, Bank of Greece, Elliniki Etairia Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage, National Observatory of Athens, Mariolopoulos-Kanaginis Foundation.

The project is implemented by the Project Team consisting of employees of the Technical Services Directorate and Finance Directorate.

Area of "Gerovouno" in Municipal Community of Kamatero

- Protection of public and private infrastructure in cases of heavy rainfall and floods which entails significant economic and environmental benefits for residents

- Improving the quality of life

- Creating a sense of security and protection for residents

- Improving the image of the city - Participation of the school community in the development of an environmental awareness space in the form of a botanical garden in the courtyards of the School Complex and the "THEOTOKOS" Foundation

- Awareness raising of residents on issues related to climate change

- The protection of public and private infrastructure in cases of emergency (floods) which entails significant economic and environmental benefits for the Municipality

- The standardization of the project will facilitate the promotion of similar interventions inside and outside the boundaries of the Municipality

- The idea of the project has the possibility to acquire a private character of initiative as it could be extended to the implementation of smaller systems per property, eg on the lawns of real estate

- The connection of the European project LIFE IP with the Park "A. Tritsis", which is the most important green lung in Attica

-The adaptation of the Municipality to the new national and European institutional framework which sets as high priority the adaptation to climate change

- The public expression and intention of the Municipality to participate in the effort to achieve European commitments to tackle climate change

- The adoption of a European profile in the action of the Municipality

- Facilitating access to national and European sources of funding for the implementation of the project

- The achievement of the strategic goals set in the Municipality's Business Plan regarding the confrontation of climate change

- The achievement of goals set in the Action Plan for Sustainable Energy and Climate (SECAP) of the Municipality