"Education - Skills Development and Creation of quality jobs"

For MYTILINEOS, the practice of Consulting the Social Partners is a timeless commitment, ensuring its sustainability and the creation of added value to the wider society. The aim of the initiative is to strengthen the principle of prevention of the company mainly in environmental and social issues and to formulate actions and action plans, where required to meet in the best possible way the expectations of the Social Partners while understanding the issues of Sustainable Development.

In this direction, the Metallurgy Department, through the thematic consultation "Training-Development of skills and Creation of quality jobs" aimed to develop a constructive and honest dialogue between the Company and representatives of the academic community, entrepreneurs, local journalists, educators and journalists. and employees on the contribution of the state, society and the business world to the Global Sustainable Development Goal 4 (Quality Education), expressing personal views, objections and suggestions that will contribute to the improvement of education in order to create quality jobs.

The Consultation concerns the social partners of the company and specifically representatives of the Academic community, Suppliers, Education, Business and Local institutions, Employees and Journalists.

1 day (October 24, 2019)

The Metallurgy sector of MYTILINEOS carried out the 5th thematic and 10th consecutive consultation of its Social Partners on the topic: "Training-Development of skills and Creation of quality jobs". The purpose of the consultation was to have a dialogue with the executives and stakeholders of the company discussing the above issue, expressing personal views, objections and proposals that will contribute to the improvement of education in order to create quality jobs. The implementation of this consultation is important as through the discussion and submission of proposals MYTILINEOS understands and tries to meet the expectations and requests of its Social Partners by shaping its policy in the context of Sustainable Development.

The keynote speakers of the consultation were Mr. George Galanis, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, presenting the company's contribution to Sustainable Development for the social partners and then Mr. Ioannis Papaspyros, Business Partner of Human Resources, focusing on .

An innovative feature of the consultation was the ability to use a mobile application. The participants had the opportunity through the application to first submit their emotional state for the time of their stay in the consultation area, then to choose the topic of discussion and finally to vote for the next desired topic of consultation of MYTILINEOS. Six working groups were formed, with the main goal of cooperating with each other and submitting proposals and opinions on the topic they chose through the above vote, specifically on the following: “How can education help increase competitiveness and reduce unemployment? »

The consultation ended with a short speech by Mr. Georgios Georgalas, Factory Manager, discussing its conclusions, emphasizing the importance of respecting the law because it contributes to the above and the formation of characters.

Participation of employee representatives from the Business Activity Sectors of the company.

Prefecture of Viotia- Arachova

Through the Consultation, the participants had the opportunity to submit their proposals and thoughts for reflection that mainly concern the State and less practical solutions that MYTILINEOS can implement.

Specifically, the following were mentioned:

  • Reinforcement of critical thinking at different stages of childhood - adolescence - youth
  • Education must be based on the Knowledge Economy
  • The triangle of Education is outdated: Students - Teachers - Educational system
  • Specialization of education
  • Involvement of employees in the design of educational programs
  • Development of Soft skills
  • Focus on Digital skills and Computational Thinking of young people
  • Modernization of Education with the use of technology
  • Actions for exchange of experiences between schools and universities with those abroad
  • Investing in Experiential Education that enhances creativity

While specifically for MYTILINEOS, the following were set:

  • MYTILINEOS actions for the education of refugees
  • Collaborate with MYTILINEOS on what skills a prospective employee would like to have before entering the job market
  • More hours of training for the employees of the Metallurgy Sector and new training efforts
  • MYTILINEOS to intensify the collaborations with the bodies of the region and the bodies with the other companies in matters of education
  • Reinforcement of new educational projects in schools

MYTILINEOS proceeded to evaluate the consultation by sending a special 5-point satisfaction questionnaire (from 1 low to 5 high) to all participants.

The Consultation was evaluated at three levels: a) Overall picture, b) Planning & c) Organization with individual variables to make up each category, while it was possible to record additional comments and suggestions for improvement. The response of the participants reached 83%, while overall the Consultation, as evaluated by the participants (overall score 4.5 / 5), was characterized as a useful and positive initiative with several innovative elements.