"Human People"

The main goal of our Charity Organization is to find vacant apartments and apartment buildings, and after the needed reparations, we house homeless families and individuals, in need of a place to stay, in cooperation with local Municipalities, Municipality of Athens to be the main one which the most homeless are registered, the Municipality of Halandri and others. After fully furnishing the apartments, we house the families and individuals, and provide them, on a weekly basis, with the necessary food products.   Every family cooks in their own “new house”. Also we take care of their medical and psychological support, help them find a job, and encourage them to attend educational programs in order to reintegrate in our society. The general purpose of our Charity Organization is to help and support people in need, raise awareness and mobilize individuals in protecting the environment and promoting social solidarity.

We house and take care of homeless people of all ages.

2-3 years and until they become independent, finding work again.

"Human - People" is a Charity Organization, established in June 2012. The organization’s headquarters are in Halandri, Lykourgou Street No 10. It is governed by the 9 members of the Board of Directors whose chairman is the psychologist – phychotherapist Mrs. Vera Messin╬╣, who inspired the idea of supporting our fellow human beings in need – due to economic crisis- with the creation of  the Social Houses.

We collaborate with other non profit Organizations, who assist our efforts, like DESMOS, BOROUME, Together for the Child etc.

1 paid employee and 60 volunteers.

Mainly in Athens as well in Vyrona, Halandri, Peristeri, Piraeus and Nea Ionia.

60 families consisting of 190 people (of whom 98 are children) have been housed in the first two Social Apartment Buildings and 13 independent apartments in Athens. We have rent 2 apartments in Xalandri, 1 in Peristeri, 1 in Piraeus, 1 in Kaisariani, 1 in Nea Filothei , 1 in Abelokipous and 2 in Kypseli. 27 of the 60 families have become independent. And we are moving on with our next apartments. 

Due to the extended visibility of our efforts, concious and sensitive people are offering us apartments and buildings for free, as well as furniture, household objects, clothes, toys, food products etc.It is very important that we have been awarded twice from the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and the Ecumenical Hellenism Foundation - thus giving us exposure to companies who are  supporting our cause.