Responsibility and Ethics are in our DNA - we continuously support the needs of society

Improvement of Quality of Life, Health and Prevention – wherever there are people

Residents in remote areas of Greece, vulnerable groups, and wherever it is necessary to promote health and prevention in the Greek society.


Tsetis Group of Pharmaceutical Companies: at the crossroads of history, Ethical Entrepreneurship & social responsibility!

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, in a similar vein as the concepts of Excellence and Innovation, is inextricably linked with the direction and philosophy of Tsetis Group of Pharmaceutical Companies (OFET) for more than half a century.

Actions that serve and respect vulnerable population groups, science and the younger generation, as well as the Environment and sustainable development, are the primary objectives of OFET’s Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Naturally, in any cases of emergencies, the Group, through its industries Uni-pharma and InterMed, its trade company Pharmabelle in Cyprus, and its newly-established industrial company UniHerbo, specializing in the extraction of medicinal plants, is more present than ever before. An emergency situation of this magnitude, such as the SARS COVID-19 pandemic, which afflicted not only Greece, but the entire planet in early 2020 – and which is still not over – provided Tsetis Group with yet another incentive to offer relief. During the most severe health crisis, the administration of OFET, lead by its chairwoman and CEO Mrs. Ioulia Tseti, responded immediately and with a high sense of social and historical responsibility.


The grand donation of Unikinon in Greece and Cyprus

Uni-pharma S.A., the flagship company of OFET, donated millions of doses of Unikinon (which contains chloroquine as its active substance) in hospitals of Greece and Cyprus.

According to scientists, chloroquine is regarded as capable of successfully treating COVID-19 and is already included in the treatment protocols of many hospital patients.

The entire process of purchasing raw materials, manufacturing the drug and implementing the donation took place though an initiative by Mrs. Ioulia Tseti, chairwoman and CEO of Tsetis Group of Pharmaceutical Companies – OFET, who, on March 21, 2020, imported 5 tons of the active substance chloroquine from India. After a few days, the borders were shut down for all industries and it was impossible for anyone to acquire this valuable active substance.

Uni-pharma’s donation, more specifically, concerned the distribution of 24 million FREE doses of Unikinon to the national health system of Greece and 60,000 doses of the drug to the Republic of Cyprus. Unikinon is available at the country’s reference hospitals since April 3, 2020.

In addition, throughout this entire period, Uni-pharma S.A. is implementing HOPE, which is an open clinical trial on chloroquine, in collaboration with research centers and reference hospitals, in order to further underline the clinical data of this active substance.


An important donation of disinfectants by InterMed

On another note, OFET, through InterMed, proceeded to make another donation to the national health system of Greece.

On April 27, one month after the grand donation, the administration of the Group announced that it has delivered more than 14,000 liters of FREE disinfectants to the Greek Ministry of Health (preceded by the distribution of free alcohol disinfectants to the Greek Ministry of Development); these disinfectants comply with WHO specifications and they are to be used solely in hospitals.

These disinfectants were manufactured in the industrial facilities of the pharmaceutical company InterMed, which assigned its human staff and material resources in order to make this plan a reality.

InterMed has a long experience and expert technical knowledge on disinfectants through its Reval products.

Moreover, on Tuesday, November 10, we delivered 180 items of Reval 500 ml sanitizers and 150 Reval 150 ml BOV surface disinfectants (sprays) to the offices of NPHO (the National Public Health Organization of Greece, EODY in Greek), which will aid the significant public health work of NPHO’s Mobile Health Units.

This is the 4th donation made by our Group, after a decision by its administration, over the course of the SARS-CoV2 pandemic.


OFET’s philosophy of TELEIA & major actions

At any rate, the donation of Unikinon and disinfectants are not unique examples of the Group’s social responsibility. For years now, OFET is running people-oriented activities, which are included in the wider Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy of the Group, founded on the principles of Environmental Protection, assistance to vulnerable social groups and support of the younger generation and science.

These activities include the voluntary blood donations organized by the Mission of Life, with visits to marginal areas of Greece, provision of information and diagnostic tests in collaboration with the Hellenic Endocrinology Society and local Dental and Pharmaceutical Associations, the collaboration with the MAGIC DIABETES BUS and the information drive on diabetes – the contemporary scourge of the western world – the Science on the Go – Mobile Science Workshop program, the Great Environmental Programs titled U & I GREEN and Save the Sea, the collaboration with Axion Hellas and ALMA ZOIS (the Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer) for providing support to the brave women suffering from breast cancer, and the scholarships of the Kleon Tsetis Foundation to young scientists and students are all top corporate social responsibility actions of the Group.

The byword TELEIA is an acronym that encapsulates the philosophy of the Group and its corporate VALUES. It stands for: Teamwork, Ethos, Learning, Excellence, Innovation and Accountability.


Uni-pharma & InterMed as members of UN Global Compact

Since January 2016, Uni-pharma and InterMed are also proud members of the Global Compact Network Hellas, which is the local network of UN Global Compact. The UN Global Compact is a worldwide initiative of businesses from all over the world, which are called to align their operations and strategies with 10 globally accepted Principles in the fields of human rights, working conditions, environmental protection and anti-corruption policies, and to further promote the practices of responsible entrepreneurship and mobilize businesses to contribute for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change.

Our collaborations include: Hellenic Endocrinology Society, ALMA ZOIS, AXION HELLAS, local Greek Dental Associations, local Greek Pharmaceutical Associations, “All for Blue” Non-Profit Organization on subjects relevant to environmental management, “Guided by Diabetes” Non-Profit Organization, and Professors at the Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Moreover, we have collaborated with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center for organizing the “NO FINISH LINE”, a charity sports race in support of children, the “ARCHEGONO KYTTARO” association and the Society of Bone Marrow Donors of Kalamata, as well as with the Hellenic Society of Hematology, the Greek Pharmaceutical Students Federation, and the Agia Olga Hospital in the voluntary donations organized by the Group twice a year.


We care

By means of “U & I Care”, we fight on a daily basis, both as individuals and collectively, to implement our common commitment and vision: to develop the necessary conditions for a better life for all people.

Our employees are active participants in the Corporate Social Responsibility actions of OFET Group, propose initiatives, assist the social aspects of the Group and make the vision and philosophy of WE CARE a reality.

With a high sense of Responsibility, WE LOVE RESPONSIBILITY, and demonstrate it in practice!


Orestiada, Rodopi, Xanthi, Konitsa, Arta, Koufonisi, Iraklia, Schinousa, Karpathos, Folegandros, Sikinos, Anafi, Kasos, Syros, Tinos, Mykonos, Marathonas, Delvinaki, Rodos, Kastelorizo

More than 1,250 citizens have been examined free of charge, with a full package of thyroid examination, in more than 11 remote areas in Greece.

Additionally, in collaboration with the Dental Association of the Dodecanese, OFET Group’s MISSION OF LIFE examined a total 400 children in two elementary school in December 2019.

Also, on October 13 & 14, 2018, approximately 95 individuals of all ages were examined and received information at the 2 Health Centers of Konitsa and Delvinaki in the framework of a dental action organized by the Dental Association of Ioannina with the support of INTERMED S.A.

The Group has always been in constant interaction and close relationship with social partners and the environment, because it always acknowledged its responsibility towards society, culture, nature and our fellow human beings.

In our view, the incessant effort to preserve and ensure social cohesion, sustainable development, ecological and cultural protection and environmental sustainability constitutes an integral part of our activities, which are in full compliance with fundamental human rights.

The Group’s unvarying awareness of Social Responsibility issues, along with the dynamic strategic plan of its intensified efforts, are practical evidence of the high priority of our social corporate aspects.

Through our actions of Love and Social Responsibility, we effectively reward the trust of our participants, which goes back for more than half a century, while at the same time, we feel that it is imperative for us to mobilize ourselves more widely – beyond our commitment to develop and manufacture innovative products of high quality, reliability and expertise.