Supporting ELEPAP’s “Brave Children”

Improve the day-to-day life quality of ELEPAP’s children and support the work of the employees and general stuff of the organization.

Infants and children that are beneficiaries from ELEPAP’s programs, as well as their families (indirectly)

The projects started during January 2019 and ended in October 2020.

Bwin is giving back to the society the appreciation and  trust it receives by trying to cover quickly and efficiently the daily needs of various vulnerable social groups.


Having the belief in the inalienable right that everyone should have equal chances in life and access to medical services, bwin supported the valuable work of ELEPAP by completing five projects of great importance.


ELEPAP’s mission is to provide Lifelong Support and access to rehabilitation programs to all persons with disabilities and their families, regardless of financial, social or religious background. ELEPAP- Rehabilitation for The Disabled is the oldest non-profit charity organization in Greece providing rehabilitation services to children since 1937. It currently operates high-level facilities and has 6 branches throughout Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Chania, Ioannina, Volos and Agrinio). Recognizing the importance of its work and fully understanding the need of the children to gain access in services with their peers in equal terms, bwin designed and completed actions with great impact on the daily routine of these “Brave Children”.

Bwin supported the construction of four (4) sensory integration rooms in Athens, Volos, Thessaloniki and Agrinio and the reconstruction of three (3) accessible playgrounds in Thessaloniki, Ioannina and Chania for ELEPAP’s “Brave Children”, covering all the branches of the organization in Greece.

Through sensory integration, children are having sensory experiences that encourage movement, communication, expression, exploration and play. These types of experiences lead to relaxation, pleasure and stimulation of the sensory organs, while helping the children to develop social, cognitive and functional motor abilities. Each room must be familiar to every child and emulates a typical playground. A special sensory integration program can be extremely beneficial as part of a greater process, that every kid with disabilities must go through. That environment is exactly what bwin was aiming to offer to ELEPAP.

At the same time, in each of the new accessible playgrounds, kids can safely use a crib, a seesaw, a mini-carousel or a slide. For the first time even children in a wheelchair can enjoy playing without obstacles and discrimination. At every one of these playgrounds children between 3-10 years old will have the opportunity to play daily. The choice of equipment and the design of the playground was made by therapists and special scientists, to serve the needs and preferences of each child at any given time.

ELEPAP (Greek Organization for Rehabilitation for the Disabled)


Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Chania, Volos and Agrinio

During the years of bwin’s support, more than 700 children and their families have benefited from certain projects, which are of great importance for children’s social integration. It is also significant that all the establishments created will be a heritage for the generations to come, contributing to having equal opportunities and better conditions of accessibility for all children. This comes through supporting a Greek Organization with proven long-term contribution to helping the disabled. Quick and efficient response to the daily needs of vulnerable social groups is at the core of bwin’s social responsibility strategy. The establishments constructed for ELEPAP are in line with the “bwincares” program.


«For 82 years, ELEPAP has provided comprehensive rehabilitation services to more than 100.000 children with physical and developmental disabilities all over Greece. Bwin, a major sponsor of ELEPAP, is one of our most valued supporters. We are grateful for the love that bwin shows to our children in Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos and Agrinio. The smile on the children’s faces is the greatest satisfaction for us all», said Marianna Moshou, president of «ELEPAP-Rehabilitation for The Disabled», regarding the completed projects.

These comments are the best reflection of how essential is bwin’s support, which enables dozens of children to have a better life.

Bwin’s social responsibility strategy is based on supporting people without any discrimination and helping them to successfully face their problems. The goal is to give back to the society the appreciation and the trust that bwin receives, trying the respond promptly and effectively to the daily needs of vulnerable social groups.


In that context, bwin focuses more on the effective implementation of its social projects and less on communicating them (sometimes even not at all) to the public. That principle comes mainly from its people. The greatest reward for them is to see the smile on people’s faces and feel their gratitude.


Having noticed how difficult and remarkable the task of ELEPAP’s staff is, bwin has responded straight away to any requests from the Organization, eager to help improve the rehabilitation programs. The aim is to make the children and their parents feel that they live in a world open for all, without any obstacles and discrimination.


It’s worth noting that during the construction works, bwin’s executives were always present, watching the progression, managing this way to get closer to the children, seeing from firsthand their needs and becoming the solution to their problems.


The impact was crucial, as 900 children and their families (indirectly) benefited in the whole of Greece.