Supporting the society to battle the pandemic Covid-19

Quest Group companies contribute to the battle against the pandemic with substantial initiatives in the sectors of education, public health, and vulnerable parties.

Students, health structures, vulnerable groups of people

March 2020 to date

Quest Group is an active member of the society, and with great compassion stood by the collective efforts of our country to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. The Group’s initiatives focused on education and the fundamental priority to continue the educational process, on the offer of technological equipment to crucial entities, while ACS, staying loyal to its principles to help the society in crisis, contributed to supporting the vulnerable groups of people.  


Quest Group did a substantial donation of more than €400.000 to the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. The companies of the Group offered 1.018 iPad 4G in total to the ministry to cover the needs of elementary schools regarding tele-education.

In the long term, the iPads 4G can be used to the integration of the innovative educational program of digital teaching at public schools. Furthermore, Quest Group assumed the training and support of the educational personnel that were assigned to use the specific technology. 

Healthcare structures

With a donation of more than € 100.000, Quest Group offered state of the art IT equipment to the Hellenic National Public Health Organization – 120 laptops and desktops and 15 multifunction machines - to support their demanding task. Additionally, the Group provided 2 artiificial breathing machines (respirators) to Attikon Hospital and 5 special screens for the surveillance of patients’ recovery process to the Pamakaristos Hospital.

Support of vulnerable parties

A special mention needs to be done to ACS that provided its valuable services to transport hygienic materials to geriatric centers and public benefit entities all over Greece, helping more than 6000 beneficiaries. Furthermore, by helping very important NGOs, ACS transported for free big amounts of other necessities.

Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Healthcare units, NGOs and other entities

Group of specialized employees take part to coaching teachers to make use of IPAD 1:1 program of Apple and its adaptation to the Greek educational system.


Students and education community: iPad to students, coaching of teachers in using the programs

Healthcare System: support of entities

Vulnerable groups


Opportunity to offer back to the community, raise awareness and strengthen reputation