Upgrading of the Paediatric Departments of the Hospitals and Health Centers in Greece

Our goal is to create Paediatric Trauma Centers in public hospitals where injured children can be quickly and effectively stabilized, and to upgrade and equip the Paediatric Departments and Clinics of the Hospitals and Health Centers in Greece with the necessary machinery.

Children from infancy to the age of 16 years old who visit the public Hospitals of Greece.

From 2010 to the present date.

A Trauma Center is the link between pre-hospital and in-hospital care. All emergency cases reaching the Hospital go directly to the Trauma Center where the main goal is to stabilize the injured child. This unit must have all the necessary equipment to save the child’s life.
The creation and equipping of Paediatric Trauma Centers is an immediate and urgent necessity. Nine times out of ten, when a child is seriously injured they experience internal bleeding. It is thus imperative for the child to be transported to the Trauma Center where it can be stabilized. Because the condition of a seriously injured child can deteriorate very quickly, the amount of time that passes between injury and medical care must be kept to a minimum. This time, which should not exceed 60 minutes, is called the “Golden Hour”. After this hour has passed, the child’s chances of survival are reduced dramatically.
Furthermore, equipping the Paediatric Departments of the Hospitals and Health Centers with the necessary machinery gives doctors the opportunity to promptly and properly treat an injured child. Doctors in public Hospitals face great difficulties due to the understaffing of the Departments and the large number of cases they are called to deal with.
Unfortunately, apart from the lack of personnel, Paediatric Departments also have serious deficiencies in necessary machinery, or equipment that needs to be replaced due to age.
For these reasons we keep striving to reach our goals, constantly setting new ones, to ensure that all doctors have the proper tools and equipment to provide the best possible medical care to their young patients. Thanks to the financial support of our sponsors (companies, foundations, private individuals) we are able to create, upgrade and renovate Trauma Centers for children in the Public Hospitals, and also to offer medical equipment, where necessary, to the Paediatric Departments in the Public Hospitals and Health Centers of our country.


Three (3) employees / Three (3) volunteers

Hospitals and Health Centers throughout Greece (see “Impact on Society” field).

From 2010 to date we have managed to upgrade and equip 84 Departments in 75 Hospitals & Health Centers throughout Greece:

1. “Aghia Sophia” Children’s Hospital 
2. “Paidon Pentelis” Children’s Hospital 
3. “Pan. & Aglaia Kyriakou” Children’s Hospital 
4. University Hospital of Irakleion-Crete “PAGNI”
5. “Ippocration” Thessaloniki’s General Hospital 
6. General University Hospital of Alexandroupolis 
7. “Andreas Papandreou” General Hospital in Rhodes 
8. General Hospital of Arta 
9. General Hospital of Syros “Vardakeio and Proio” 
10. Aretaieio Hospital 
11. “Axillopouleio” General Hospital in Volos 
12. University General Hospital of Larissa 
13. General Hospital of Lamia 
14. “Karamandaneio” General Hospital of Patras
15. ”Vostanio” General Hospital in Mytilini 
16. Hospital of Kastellorizo 
17. General Hospital of Samos “Aghios Panteleimon” 
18. General Hospital of Leros 
19. General Hospital of Kilkis 
20. Corfu General Hospital
21. ”Skylitseio” General Hospital of Chios
22. General Hospital of Karpenisi
23. General Hospital of Chalkidiki
24. General Hospital of Pyrgos ”Andreas Papandreou”
25. General Hospital of Zakynthos ”Aghios Dionysios”
26. Health Center in Sifnos
27. Health Center Karlovasiou in Samos
28. Health Center of Ebona in Rhodes
29. Health Center of Hydra
30. General Hospital of Livadeia
31. General Hospital of Ioannina “G. Hatzikosta”
32. General Hospital of Serres
33. General Hospital of Thessaloniki “G. Gennimatas – ╬č Aghios Dimitrios”
34. Health Center of Samothraki
35. General Hospital of Larissa
36. University General Hospital “ATTIKON”
37. General Hospital of Kastoria
38. General Hospital of Karditsa
39. General Hospital of Trikala
40. General Hospital of Chania “St. George”
41. General Hospital of Rethymno
42. University General Hospital of Ioannina
43. General Hospital – Health Center of Filiates
44. Health Center of Paxos
45. General Hospital of Veria
46. General Hospital of Chalkida
47. General Hospital of Ptolemaida “Mpodosakeio”
48. General Hospital of Pella – Hospital Unit of Edessa
49. Health Center of Ithaca
50. General Hospital of Katerini
51. General Hospital of Argolida – Hospital Unit of Nafplio
52. General Hospital – Health Center of Karystos
53. General Hospital – Health Center of Kythira
54. Health Center of Prinos (Thassos)
55. General Hospital of Grevena
56. General Hospital of Preveza
57. Health Center of Skiathos
58. General Hospital of Florina “Eleni Th. Dimitriou” 
59. General Hospital of Aghios Nikolaos
60. General Hospital of Cephalonia “Aghios Gerasimos”
61. General Hospital of Argolida – Hospital Unit of Argos
62. Health Center of Galatas
63. Regional Health Center of Tilos
64. General Hospital of Naoussa
65. General Hospital of Amfissa
66. General Hospital of Tripolis “Evaggelistria”
67. General Hospital of Kozani “Mamatsio”
68. General Hospital of Didymoteicho
69. General Hospital of Amaliada
70. “Tzaneio” General Hospital of Piraeus
71. General Hospital – Health Center of Kymi
72. General Hospital of Agrinio
73. General Hospital of Drama
74. Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors in Kypseli
75. Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors in Nikaia

The upgrading of the Paediatric Departments improves the conditions of examinations and medical care provided to the children who visit the above Hospitals / Health Centers.
From 2010 up to the present date over 1.310.000 children have benefitted from our Charity.

Our work in upgrading and equipping the Paediatric Departments in a large number of Hospitals throughout Greece brings us closer to our ultimate goal of improving the quality of medical care provided to the children in our country.