Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions Using 100% Green Energy in Pasta Production.

Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions during Pasta Production.

To Retailers and consumers globally.

The duration of the implementation and the installation of new technologies with reference to the corresponding certificate was from 01-10-2018 to 30/09/2019 while the action will be continued with the installation of photovoltaic panels of 1 MW power for the production of electricity in order to reduce energy costs.

Following the global trends and the willingness of the company to participate in the need to fight against  pollution of the planet, led the company to use 100% Green Energy, in order to cover its energy needs.  This had as a result Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions during the pasta production. The total energy which was used by the company, was produced from the combustion of rice husk (Thermal Energy) and from Renewable Energy Sources (Electric Energy).

The biomass unit consists of four parts. In the first part, the biomass is gathered and proceeds to  the combustion part. In the second part the thermal energy for the operation of the factory is produced as a result of  the combustion of rice husk. In the third part, the combustion gases are processed and purified. Also, in the exhaust system of biomass, an exhaust-water exchanger (economizer) has been installed, in the use of which thermal energy is recovered from the exhausted gases. Also, the heated water is used to cover the heating needs of the industry. Lastly, in the fourth section, the ash is collected and packed. The ash is 18% - 20% of the biomass weight and it is exported abroad, to companies producing construction materials, steel industries, etc. The enrichment of  cement with ash of the rice husk that is produced from the combustion produces high-strength concrete, as well as reinforces  steel with the basic element of the ash which is silicon).

Regarding the transportation, the Green Network Design was accomplished. In particular, the utilization rate of the vehicles was optimized and the unnecessary routes were reduced with the relevant instructions given to the drivers in order to achieve fuel-efficient driving.

With the reference to the study of Mr. Zisis Angelidis Dr. of Hydrogeology in the University of Thessaloniki, the drilling of water which was constructed according to the rules of science and technology has a depth of 235m. The water is collected with a special pump from a depth of 100m. The whole project was carried out with the aim of collecting low-mineral water from the deeper water substrates of 150-230 meters. Evaluating the results of the analyses from accredited laboratories , the findings are the following:

complete stability of the chemical properties of the water over time
The physical characteristics and the excellent chemical elements of the healthy  low-mineral water that is safely collected and transferred to the pasta unit are the followings:

 clear, colorless, odorless
Low salt content
Quantitative superiority in Calcium and Magnesium, sulfate and hydrocarbon ion (hydrocarbon water)
Rich in bicarbonate
Low mineral water due to low solid residue
Constant temperature & pH

The above mentioned characteristics contribute positively to the quality of the final product.


The initiative was implemented by the Company, with the participation of the Management, the Quality and Production Departments. The main supplier of fuel (rice husk) is EURICOM HELLAS, based in Chalastra, Thessaloniki, which also belongs in the same group of companies with EURIMAC SA.

The external certification was carried out by TUV NORD HELLAS.

Training of all staff for the use of new applications. Participation of company executives in Postgraduate Seminars, Workshops and Conferences.

Northern Greece – Kilkis.

Achieving the goal of zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions with a corresponding positive impact to the community and the planet.

According to the results of the certificate, 67.40% of the energy was Thermal and was completely covered by biomass (rice husk) combustion and 32.60% of the energy was Electric and was completely covered by Renewable Energy Sources.)

(Please find attached the Verification Statement).

Environmental Protection is not just a beneficial corporate action for the society but a condition without which for the viability of the business itself in an economic unstable environment cannot be accomplished. With zero Emissions of Greenhouse Gases which were achieved with the use of 100% Green Energy the company does not pollute the environment and reduces also its production costs. Also, according to an EU Eurobarometer survey, 93% of EU citizens consider climate change to be a serious problem and consumers will take at least one specific action to fight against climate change, such as purchases of foodstuff, taking into account the carbon footprint of the companies. The responsible corporate profile in the Environmental pillar and in relation to the environmental concern of consumers and their personal perception of environmental issues affects positively their willingness to buy products whose production do not pollute the Environment. The global consumer’s trend predicts a rapid rise in products produced by "clean" companies that prove their sensitivity to the society and the environment (euromonitor / trends2020).

With the reference to the survey "ATTITUDES OF EUROPEANS TOWARDS BUILDING THE SINGLE MARKET FOR GREEN PRODUCTS ", a large majority of EU citizens believes that buying environmentally-friendly products can make a difference to the environment (89%)

According to the Deloitte 2020 "Deloitte Global Millennial Survey", 80% believe that governments and organizations need to do much more to protect the environment.

EURIMAC's environmental sensitivity and sustainability program had as a result a significant rise on sales. Specifically, the sales in Japan increased 36.5%, in England 65.5% and in Germany 66%. Also, regarding to this action, EURIMAC gained access to US and Canada markets.

The major strategic customers (Retailers) of EURIMAC SA have already requested all the relevant production characteristics of the products (green energy / CO2 free) to be indicated on their product packages (PL).

This initiative resulted in the award of the Environmental Excellence Award to Eurimac, in the context of the annual organization of the institution "Greek Value" by the Association of Greek Industries for the use of 100% Green Energy for the production of pasta.