Al Maddeyah Village, Egypt: Energean’s Community and Social Initiatives for our fellow citizens.

Al Maddeyah Village, Egypt: Energean’s Community and Social Initiatives for our fellow citizens.


Established in 2007, Energean is a London Premium Listed FTSE 250 (LSE: ENOG) and Tel Aviv  (TASE:אנאג) Listed E&P company with operations in eight countries across the Mediterranean and UK North Sea. Since IPO, Energean has grown to become the leading independent, gas-focused E&P company in the Eastern Mediterranean, with a strong production and development growth profile. The Company explores and invests in new ideas, concepts and solutions to produce and develop energy efficiently, at low cost and with a low carbon footprint. Energean's production comes mainly from the Abu Qir field in Egypt and fields in Southern Europe. The company's flagship project is the 3.5 Tcf Karish, Karish North and Tanin development, offshore Israel, where it intends to use the newbuild fully-owned FPSO Energean Power, which will be the only FPSO in the Eastern Mediterranean, to produce first gas, commencing mid-2022.With a strong track record of growing reserves and resources, Energean is focused on maximising production from its large-scale gas-focused portfolio to deliver material free cash flow and maximise total shareholder return in a sustainable way. ESG and health and safety are paramount to Energean; it aims to run safe and reliable operations, whilst targeting carbon-neutrality across its operations by 2050.

Objective Action

  • Alignment of our operations with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Give back to the community and participate in philanthropic initiatives that provide positive social value.
  • Make a difference and build positive brand awareness in the area we are operating.
  • Reduce hunger & poverty.
  • Cooperate and work together with organizations for the common good.  
  • Promote education and environmental awareness, especially among children.
  • Promote gender equality & the empowerment of women.
  • Promote rural sports, nationally recognized sports, Olympic and Paralympic sports.
  • Encourage a positive impact through activities, regarding the environment, our consumers, our employees, our communities, and our stakeholders.
  • Recognize that our social, economic, and environmental responsibilities towards these stakeholders are integral to our business. We aim to demonstrate and cover these responsibilities through our actions and within our corporate policies.
  • Receive feedback from our stakeholders and, wherever possible, maintain an open dialogue to ensure that we fulfill the requirements outlined within our corporate policies.

Target Audience

  • Energean’s stakeholders in Al Maddeyah village – the area of our company’s onshore operations.
  • Energean’s Management and Employees.
  • The general public.
  • Energean’s Supply Chain partners.
  • Energean’s Investors.
  • The E&P Industry regulators.




January 2021- December 2021.


Delivery of school supplies and school bags before the school year

  • Energean Egypt is commited to improving the lives of students in its areas of operation, ensuring that all the kids of Al Maddeyah village have an equal opportunity to start off the school year right.
  • Energean Team personally delivered 400 school bags filled with school supplies, purchased and donated by the company and by the employees before the start of the school year.

Energean’s initiative of educating students about Sustainability in Al Maddeyah village

  • Energean is always aiming to teach students that they can make a difference through organizing educational sessions and teaching primary school pupils the concepts of Sustainability. In these sessions, pupils were introduced to these concepts, especially on climate change and loss of biodiversity.

Women empowerment in Al Maddeyah Village

  • Energean, in collaboration with “Dar Al Orman” Association, supported 5 women-owned small businesses in Al Maddeyah village, empowering and enabling women to support their families. In Energean, we believe that gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary condition for a prosperous, sustainable, and peaceful world.


Beach clean-up and Environmental Awareness Session in Al Maddeyah village

  • To mark the World Environment Day on June 5th, 2021, Energean Egypt, in collaboration with its Joint Venture partner, Abu Qir Petroleum, and the organization “GoClean”, performed a beach clean-up, along with an educational campaign in Al Maddeyah village, the site of Energean’s onshore operations.
  • This included a presentation on the collection and disposal of beach waste. The audience was members of the local community and several key stakeholders, including law enforcement officers.
  • The day also featured a number of social and sporting events, including football and volleyball, for which Energean supplied and installed nets, recreational furniture, and other equipment, so that the local community could enjoy the use of its restored beach.
  • The initiative was organized by the Energean Egypt Corporate Social Responsibility team and aimed to:
  • Increase public awareness on beach waste and the negative impact on the environment.
  • Reduce the usage of plastic packaging.
  • Engage with local authorities, the Egyptian government, and plastic industries, in order to implement measures to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic waste.
  • Engage with young people and educate them on the importance of sustainable practices.

Mediterranean Biodiversity and Marine Conservation webinar

  • The webinar was organized to mark the launch of “The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration” - an initiative that aims to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems on every continent and in every ocean.
  • More specifically, in order to reflect on Energean’s vision towards a sustainable future, the company held a biodiversity and marine conservation educational webinar underlining the fact that Sustainability and ESG sit at the heart of Energean’s business and Ethos, standing by our motto: “Our World. Our Responsibility”.
  • The webinar was held for all employees of the company across all of our countries of operation and our Joint Venture partners in Egypt.


      Food boxes and Supermarket vouchers

  • In the coastal areas, there are thousands of families, especially children and the elderly, that have the right to have a better and more dignified life, despite their current state of poverty.
  • In the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan for Muslims, Energean in collaboration with “Dar Al Orman” Association purchased and distributed food boxes and supermarket vouchers to underprivileged residents of Al Maddeyah village.


Restoration of Al Maddeyah’s beach-club: Sea area, kids’ area and sports courts

  • In order to promote health and wellness to the residents of Al Maddeyah village, and also to ensure their wellbeing, Energean provided the local beach-club with a new kid’s area. We provided the club with umbrellas and shades, as well as recreational furniture for the local communities to enjoy.  
  • Football and beach volleyball nets were provided, along with the construction of a new volleyball court, building a culture of wellness and motivating the local residents and their families to take up a healthy, sporty and more positive lifestyle.

Donation of office furniture, appliances, and school desk

  • Energean donated office furniture and appliances from its offices to the NGO “Dar Al Orman”. Some of the furniture was donated directly to schools and hospitals, while the remaining furniture, along with appliances, were donated to underprivileged families in need.
  • Our company also recycled its scrap wood packaging and reconstructed it into wooden desks. The desks were donated to schools in the village of Al Maddeyah.

Support to the disabled residents of Al Maddeyah village

  • Energean is committed to sustainable development while upholding human rights. We believe that the inclusion of people with disabilities is an investment in a common future where no one is left behind. Marking the 2021 International Day of People with Disabilities, Energean collaborated, once again, with the NGO “Dar Al Orman”, and donated wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, and hearing aids to every underprivilege resident with disabilities, fulfilling all the needs in the village.


Impact on Society

Energean maintains strong bonds between the company and its stakeholders and local communities. It is important to us that we constantly try to address their needs through our social contributions and actions. Our CSR department works hard on building upon day-to-day interactions with the communities and our staff strives to provide greater support and works towards improved methods of assessing needs.

Our company has CSR at the heart of its operations. We believe that having a positive impact on societies is a strategy for success. Our actions create a balance between economic growth and the well-being of the society and the environment. We are committed to sustainable development and upholding human rights. In this case, our focus has been to support Al Maddeyah village because we believe that it is a place where the needs are various and plenty and that we can contribute by making a positive and long-lasting difference.

Our Community & Social initiatives and actions for our fellow citizens in the village of Al Maddeyah in Egypt have:

  • created a safe place for the next generation to thrive and learn,
  • given people with disabilities new opportunities to experience life to the fullest, and
  • enabled women to create businesses that provide a sense of freedom for them, and a source of income for themselves, their children, and their families.   


Initiative Location

The village of Al Maddeyah is one of the villages of the Idku Center in the Beheira Governorate in the Arab Republic of Egypt. 

Working with Organization

  • American University in Cairo.
  • National and International Oil Companies.
  • Egypt’s Ministry of Health.
  • Egypt’s Ministry of Social Solidarity.
  • The Food Bank.
  • Egypt’s Oil & Gas CSR Task Force.
  • The NGO “Misr El Kheir”.
  • The NGO “Dar Al Orman”.


Workers Participation

Yes. Energean’s Top Management and Employees, together with the residents of the village.

Benefits for Οrganization

  • Strengthening of Energean’s company profile as a Corporate Socially Responsible entity.
  • Servicing the Sustainable Development Goals:

No 2: Zero Hunger.
No 3: Good Health and Well-Being.
No 5: Gender Equality.
No 10: Reduced Inequalities.
No 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.
No 15:  Life on Land.
No 17: Partnerships for the Goals. 

  • Practicing the implementation of the Goals, by actually acting on them.
  • Raising colleagues’ awareness and engagement.

Connection with Global Goals

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