Be the Miracle

Be the Miracle

Objective Action

The aim of the initiative is to become clear that regardless of ideology, religion, origins or social class, we must aim for prosperity of society in a total way. The society must be consisted of next - door people, people of  our neighborhood, and generally people of our city. It must be consisted of people that don't necessarily belong to a "traditional" vulnerable team, but at some time, at a given moment, face a serious family problem or a financial, psychological, social or livelihood problem. People that refers to society in total.


Target Audience

Wider in society



The action is in the process of evolution


The habitants' anthropology of the area in general, but also especially of the modern metropolis consists of scrappy national, cultural and social groups of people that this time face common problems;they face problems that unite people and shape an extremely low living standard, that many times doesn't count in measurement level but is experienced in daytime. The action of "Be the miracle" utilizes with a lot of strength the result of the problem and is focused on the course. It doesn't separate or discriminate. Consequently, we move in 4 stages ;
A) Social concern, B) Education, C) Civilization, D) Sports. According to these significant stages, some actions have designed, that take place every day by 52 volunteers, various specialties.

1) Advicing of the family and of the child
2) Reading with a teacher: Reinforcing teaching
3) Experential learning. It is an action that aims for cultivation of values but also for education of children and parents about social issues (Bullying,
    racism),civilization etc.
4) Learning Greek language: It is an action that concerns refugees and immigrants.
5) Theatre lab: It is an action of empowerment, prominence of the positive facts of a children's personality but also an action good for the acceptance
    of their features and their identity.
6) Cartoon lab: It is an action that express and cultivates drawing.
7) Football team: Athletic action which aims for fair play and the childrens ' co-operation from different national, religious and social teams.
8) Distribution of food and essential items: Action which deals with livelihood problems.



Impact on Society

This action has nothing but a positive print in society. It started without any financial help, with a little number of beneficiaries and this time it has overcome 100 beneficiaries. This action is supported by food offers that come from a total of people that are aware of our action, through public share, social media but also throughout the result that our action brings.
The action "Advicing family and child" with the psychologists and the social worker, are watching all the families in total. The action "Reading with a teacher" supports 50 children annually. The action "Experential learning" brings in touch carriers, scientists, specialized professionals with our beneficiaries. The action "Learning Greek language" helps with including refugees and immigrants into the society. The action "Theatre lab" has created a theatre team that is consisted of teenagers and takes part in festivals where it collects praises. The action "Football team" takes part in championships and tournaments where 40 children are training. The action "food distribution" supports families that face extreme livelihood problems.


Initiative Location

Central Municipal Library of the Municipality of Athens, ARMAZI Cultural Center, Schools, Sports Centers

Working with Organization

Municipality of Athens, Athens University of Economics and Business, International Organization for Migration, SOS Children's Village, Red Cross, Caritas, Nostos - Organization for Social Integration, Armazi Cultural Center


Workers Participation

52 volunteers

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Benefits for Οrganization

"Be the Miracle" grows with extreme power. It is constantly increasing its human resources (volunteers) but also its lending of goods. It has created a core that attracts conscious people that really want to lend help in general, aiming for social prosperity beyond ideologies, national origins, religious or political ideas. The number of organizations /carriers that are interested for our work is increasing all the time and they ask for their beneficiaries to take place in out actions. The messages "I'm the Miracle - be the miracle" and "Every child is a Miracle" are assimilated in friends', volunteers' and carriers' conciousness.

Connection with Global Goals

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