CAUDALIE: Effective, green & eco-friendly cosmetics

CAUDALIE: Effective, green & eco-friendly cosmetics


Objective Action

«I believe in green and rational cosmetics. I wanted to offer a new type of cosmetics, offering the right balance between effectiveness, naturalness and sensoriality» mentions Mathilde Thomas, the co-founder of Caudalie. In this way, she presents the vision of the French cosmetics brand. 

The goal of the brand is to create sustainable products from natural active ingredients with recyclable/recycled/reusable packaging, in order to eliminate the imprint on the planet but also to inspire other brands to follow similar practices.



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Caudalie is accelerating its processes and mobilizing at every level, to meet the challenges of the time for the preservation of the planet. More specifically, it emphasizes the following:


Ingredients: The majority of products contain over 90% of ingredients of natural origin. The goal for 2022 is for 100% of the compositions to consist of less than 95% ingredients of natural origin. However, a great deal of research is being done on the tracing of raw materials, so that even natural ingredients that are controversial for the treatment they have undergone should be avoided in any case.
All products are vegan, except those containing beeswax and honey. Caudalie opposes animal testing and fights on the side of IIVS to promote alternative methods. Eco-friendly packaging: unnecessary items such as spatulas and leaflets for all products have been reduced, significantly reducing catalogs and plastic packaging by 20%. This has allowed us to save over 13 tons of plastic and 33 tons of paper.

Recycling: The collection service of used packaging operates so far in stand-alone stores abroad, with the aim of applying in our country if a corresponding network is created. Sustainable production: The new management center in France, which houses the Physical Formula Design Laboratory, is a model of ecological specifications with photovoltaic and geothermal installations, charging stations for electric cars and reinforced insulation. This helps to reduce by 75% the energy consumed.

1% for the Planet: As a member of this organization, Caudalie has allocated 1% of its annual global turnover to environmental organizations for tree planting every year since 2012. Thus, it becomes the first donor among all cosmetic companies worldwide.


Impact on Society

In an age characterized by the shift to pure ingredients and pure formulas, Caudalie becomes a pioneer in this and wins the trust of consumers both with the ecological composition & "green" packaging of the products and with their efficiency. Consumers of all ages consciously choose the brand, so we can now talk about a loyal audience that covers the majority of care products from the wide range offered by Caudalie. The increase in demand also leads to the increase of the distribution network through the cooperating pharmacies.

Initiative Location

Working with Organization

Caudalie's strategic suppliers are close partners in sustainable development so as to reduce the carbon footprint of transport. Thus, all suppliers of cosmetic products involved in the preparation of the compositions are located in France and have been selected based on environmental footprint criteria. It is worth noting that Caudalie has been working since 2013 with Harvard Medical School and Dr. David Sinclair, for creating new innovative compositions. Caudalie's most recent collaboration with Harvard was for the patent for the new anti-aging technology, which is used exclusively by the brand and more specifically, in the Resveratrol Lift series.

Studies have shown that the combination of Resveratrol + patent hyaluronic acid is 2 times more effective in producing natural collagen than simply using retinol. So unlike animal collagen, which is used in other cosmetics, Caudalie pioneers and chooses vegan, fortified collagen, which does not contain ingredients of animal origin, either terrestrial or marine, from the African Mahogany tree, so sources of sustainable management, with respect for the skin and the environment and thus obtains a new patent for even more impressive results.

An innovative combination of Resveratrol + hyaluronic acid + fortified vegan collagen is created that is submitted jointly as an exclusive patent (FR 1555116). Enhancing the scientific character of the partners belonging to Caudalie's potential, another decisive collaboration for the formation of the brand is the Professor of Pharmacognosy, Joseph Vercauteren, from the University of Montpellier. Leading in the study of Polyphenols, he is a regular scientific advisor at the Caudalie research center, from the creation of the brand until today.


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