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Charging into the Nature

Charging into the Nature


Non-governmental pedagogical organization. Guiding supports children and young people, through a system of self-management and self-development to develop their full potential as leaders and active citizens of the world.


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Objective Action

The Greek Guiding Association is a global, autonomous, independent organization with a pedagogical character aimed at children and young people. The set of activities that are based on the Guiding ideology and have a pedagogical character constitute the Guiding Pedagogical Program. The Guiding Pedagogical Program is based on three axes and offers children and young people opportunities for: Personal development, Social participation-Serving to the Community, Life in Nature-Ecological mindset.

The goal of the program was to see Nature through Technology and to be able to interact. With these goals, the "Charging into the Nature" Program was created.

Charging into the Nature Program was designed to meet the needs of children and young people, arising from a new situation, that of pandemic and lockdown. In addition, lays emphasis on the development and promotion of their skills, but also raise awareness on social and environmental issues.


Target Audience

Teenagers aged between 11-14 years old



December 2020-May 2021


The aim of this Program was for children and young people to recharge batteries with green energy and to create their own forest. The longer they played the more green energy they would get. This energy was converted into trees and all the trees created  the Forest.

The winner of the game would be the “troop” of children who would manage to create the largest forest - in number of trees - by the end of the game.

* Troop is an autonomous group of children 


Impact on Society

500 children and young people participated, who as active adult citizens of tomorrow can protect their environment. Starting from the individual responsibility of each member, these actions on the one hand become an example in the social environment, on the other hand benefit the place where the members live, but also the natural environment where there is development.

Initiative Location

In every place that the Greek Guiding Association troops exist.

Working with Organization

The program was implemented in collaboration with local agencies, other associations and the state.

Workers Participation

Our member-volunteers

Benefits for Οrganization

The purpose of the Greek Guiding Association is to contribute to the formation of the personality of children and young people. Therefore, this Program contributes to the strengthening of the principles and values ​​of the Organization by giving the necessary supplies to young people for social participation and contribution.

Connection with Global Goals

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