Continuous Support of the Largest Milk Zone of Greece

Continuous Support of the Largest Milk Zone of Greece


Objective Action

DODONI, Epirus's leading dairy company, besides the production of 100% pure Greek products, known for their unique taste and superior quality, has also a multi-dimensional corporate social responsibility approach with focus placed on the local community.

Since 2012, after its privatization, the company's main goal was the restructuring of its operation, in order to become totally sustainable. In particular, one of key aims for DODONI was to enhance its cooperation with more than 5,500 milk farmers in Epirus (and the wider region), who were quite insecure due to the financial crisis. At the same time, an extra aim for the company was the further support of the Greek primary sector, providing adequate scientific support, as well as specialized staff on a 24-hour basis.


Target Audience

Greek milk farmers in the region of Epirus and Northern Greece, as well as the wider local community in which they belong.



From 2013 to today


DODONI is one of the largest companies in the Epirus region, constantly supporting the wider community, the local economy as one of Epirus largest employers, and the local community. In this context, the company implements specific actions and initiatives in cooperation with local authorities and Nonprofit organizations for those in need.

DODONI, however, provides substantial and active support to over 5,500 small and large milk farmers, mainly from the Epirus region, with whom the company has been cooperating since 2013.

With main objective to maintain the largest Milk Zone in Greece and further increase its cooperation with more milk farmers, the company has been implementing the last 5 years activities that place producers and the primary sector at the center.

For DODONI every producer is important, whether is small or large. The company believes that by supporting local milk farmers and collecting exclusively 100% Greek milk, an added value is created. At the same time, DODONI maintains excellent milk quality, supporting as well the primary sector of Epirus.

The actual support of the company's milk farmers is based on two main pillars: the financial support, through regular and much earlier, agreed payment policy, and the systematic collection of 100% Greek milk, implementing an innovative program “DODONI 200” that secure better quality and quantity for company’s milk farmers.

Specifically, since 2013, DODONI annually allocates more than €4 million advance payments for animal food, mainly during the winter season, helping its 5,500 milk farmers.



At the same time, through the innovative “DODONI 200” program, the company invests substantially in the primary sector and provides solutions to improve both the quality and quantity of the produced milk. "DODONI 200" was launched in 2015, with only 30 farms as a pilot program, providing 24-hour support to livestock units. Today, this program has reached 200 farms, including a team of experienced veterinarians and zootechnics who support specific farms in Epirus, with key main goal the improvement of milk quantity and quality.

This initiative has achieved significant measurable results, as from 2013 to 2019:

the quantity of milk produced, by the participating producers, has increased dramatically by at least 15%
the quality of milkt has been improved
the health of the animal as well as its life expectancy has been improved
the financial sustainability of the milk farms has been enhanced

This way, DODONI maintains a high-quality level for its cooperating producers and contributes to upgrade the pricing scale, achieving higher sales price for their milk.

Finally, it is particularly important that the company supports its milk farmers on a social level as, in 2015, it stood by their side in the regions of Arta and Preveza, that were severely affected by bad weather conditions, by speeding up their payments.

Also, very important are the relationships that the company has been formed over time with the families of its milk farmers, supporting important occasions in their personal and family life.



Impact on Society

From 2013 until today:

  • The amount of milk produced daily by the company has been increased by 15%
  • The number of cooperating milk farmers increased by 3%, reaching more than 5,500 today. Among them, young farmers are included, supported by DODONI in order not to leave their hometown.

Initiative Location

Epirus and Northern Greece

Working with Organization


Workers Participation



Benefits for Οrganization

By creating a unique chain of value with its thousand producers, the benefits for DODONI are plenty, as it ensures the collection of high-quality milk that is the basis for the production of pure, good products.

Moreover, thanks to the ongoing supporting on the Milk Zone, DODONI is increasing the milk quantity it collects annually and at the same time, it supports actively local milk farmers by keeping the livestock sector viable, helping them to further improve their production potential

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