Cooperation of companies and groups for the rescue of an employee in Milos – Power through Unity

Cooperation of companies and groups for the rescue of an employee in Milos – Power through Unity

IMERYS Industrial Minerals Greece Single-Member Société Anonyme

IMERYS Group is the world leader in mineral-based industrial solutions, offering specialized solutions necessary for its customers. IMERYS INDUSTRIAL MINERALS GREECE SINGLE MEMBER SOCIETE ANONYME mines and processes industrial minerals, mainly bentonite and perlite.


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Objective Action

To protect and secure the company's employees and to provide the necessary knowledge and experience so that they are able to manage an emergency situation.


Target Audience

Imerys employees and the local community.




Planning duration was 2 days while the execution took place within a day.


The Aggeria and Aspro Chorio mine complex is one of the largest bentonite mining centers in the world. In the mine premises there is frequent use of heavy machinery and truck that carry a large volume of cargo, therefore it was necessary to carry out an emergency exercise in which such equipment would be involved.

The organization of the exercise was an initiative of IMERYS Greece SA and was carried out with the collaboration of the company EHSQ Development PCC.

The exercise scenario was during the process of depositing a sterile material, a public use truck overturned laterally due to a shifting of cargo. The truck had fallen on the driver's side, trapping him in it, and then caused an oil spill. The stages of the exercise were the initial finding of the injured person and the notification of all involved members, internal and external aid providers.

Initially, the mining department foreman notified Imerys nurse and the responsible mining engineer. Milos EHS team was then informed, which  called the Milos rescue team. The Imerys Fire Safety and Anti-Pollution Team monitors the air direction and uses dust extinguishers to ensure that there is no fire in the truck chassis. At the same time, they reduce the leakage of fuel with special absorbent materials that are then collected (and disposed in the special blue barrels for hazardous waste) before the rescue team arrives so that the area is clean during the release operation. 

The rescue/extraction of the injured was then achieved by the team of volunteer rescuers of Milos (OEDIM) with the support of Weber Rescue and the assistance of its official trainer in Greece by Draeger Hellas S.A. Mr. Ioannis Retsiou. The emergency drill was performed following S.A.V.E.R. standards.

Finally, the first aid was provided by the pre-hospital rescuer and the responsible nurse of Imerys and finally his transport to the Health Center  was made by the company's ambulance.


Impact on Society

(1) Coordinated and successful cooperation of 4 companies (Imerys Greece SA, EHSQ Development PPC, RMS, Draeger Hellas S.A) together with a group of volunteer rescuers from Milos (OEDIM).

(2) The members of  Milos rescue team acquired additional knowledge and experience for the management of respective situations.

(3) Imerys employees as active members acquire the appropriate knowledge and skills to avoid and deal with emergencies inside and outside work.

(4) Avoiding the environmental burden of hazardous substances

Initiative Location

Aspro Chorio mine, approximately 700 meters from Voudia.

Working with Organization

  • ·Executives of EHSQ Development PPC together with its scientific collaborator from RMS Mr. George Skroubelos
  • ·Group of 16 volunteer rescuers of Milos rescue team
  • ·Mr. Ioannis Retsios from Draeger Hellas S.A.


Workers Participation

  • Employees of Imerys Mining Departement
  • Imerys Fire Safety and Anti-Pollution Team
  • Executives of  Milos EHS Department.

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Benefits for Οrganization

Imerys through this initiative proved  the dedication to health and safety and  community contribution through  actions for the protection and  promotion of the environment.

To this direction, the demonstration of corporate social responsibility towards its employees and the society, through the prevention of possible accidents of employees, co-operating third parties and visitors, strengthens IMERYS’s credibility. This also achieves the strengthening of the employee’s sense of safety and of their commitment to IMERYS.


Connection with Global Goals

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