Development of Volunteerism

Development of Volunteerism


Hygeia Group has a portfolio of 4 Hospitals in Greece and Albania, 2 Diagnostic Centers, 1 Molecule Biology & Cytogenetics Center and a company trading in special materials and consumables.


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Objective Action

At HYGEIA Group, the principles of Corporate Responsibility are not simply the results of planning, but rather stem from our corporate culture and personal moral values. This is the reason why the main growth pillar of our corporate responsibility is the volunteerism of all our Group employees.


Target Audience

Socially Vulnerable Groups, Local Community




Staff Blood Drive:

For a number of years, the HYGEIA Group hospitals have been supporting the blood drive actions, with their physicians and employees actively participating in volunteerism and social responsibility initiatives. Blood drives were organized within the Hospital premises in 2012 and 2013. These events have always met with success, proving how closely the HYGEIA Group employees are linked to health, life and people. In addition, the HYGEIA Group hospitals have each established their own Blood Bank – HYGEIA at Sotiria Hospital, MITERA at Ippokrateio Hospital and LETO at Laiko Hospital – both to serve the needs of their staff and their families, and to support volunteerism and assist their fellow citizens.

Christmas Lunch at Perama:

HYGEIA Hospital organized a festive event in December 2013 to demonstrate its support and solidarity for the vulnerable social groups of the Municipality of Perama. The event was hosted at the Perama Town Hall, where 140 HYGEIA Group volunteer employees distributed a wide assortment of food and desserts they had prepared themselves to the 500 people that attended. The Group employees had decorated the Hall themselves, while, after the event, they distributed presents to the children, as well as milk cartons, juice boxes and tubs of yogurt, kindly donated by Vivartia, a member of MIG.

Our Employees Offer their Support ...

For the last 4 years, the HYGEIA & MITERA Hospital employees have been collecting clothing and books, which they then distribute to various organizations, such as the Municipality of Perama, the Elliniko Metropolitan Social Clinic, the City of Athens Homeless Shelter, the Asylum for the Interminably Ill and the Holy Temple of Ypapanti in Maroussi.


Impact on Society

We choose actions that foster social prosperity.

Initiative Location


Working with Organization

Workers Participation

Benefits for Οrganization

We build lasting and strong relationships with our employees, while also developing and promoting the concept of volunteerism, not only among employees, but also indirectly to their families.

Connection with Global Goals

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