Actions for our people and their families

Actions for our people and their families


Objective Action

The aim of the activities  is to stand by our people and their families and to create a working environment with high quality and development opportunities, where the focus is on ensuring their good health.


Target Audience

1) Employees

2) Working parents

3) Employees' families and / or friends



Career day and Family day was for a day

"Free mammography and breast ultrasound" activity was for half a year from the day we announced.




The program concerned the following actions:

1) Vocational Guidance Day. It was a two-hour day in which the following sections were presented in detail:

Problems that students face in managing their time

How I set goals

Schools to choose

The labor market

School selection criteria

School curriculum

Professional Rights of Schools

Post-graduate courses

Employment outlets of each school - Alternative careers.

Changes that apply to the New system (NEW HIGH SCHOOL), special courses, transfers, etc.

Answers to the questions of children and their parents

The above meeting was held at the company's amphitheater in Efkarpia, Thessaloniki. It was chosen to be a Saturday, so as not to affect the daily life of the children and their activities's program and the working parents to be relaxed, without the pressure of work. In addition, as several parents and children live in the area of ​​Kilkis (the company is headquartered in the industrial area of ​​Kilkis), the company undertook the transportation of parents and children by private bus. The meeting was addresses to parents and their children between the age of 14-17, as it is at this age that they are called to decide on their future.

2) Alumil Family Day. The company organized a day of relaxation in an estate in Lefkochori, Thessaloniki for the employees and their families (employees who did not have a family, could attend with their friends). The point was chosen so that it is located in the middle of Kilkis and Thessaloniki, to serve colleagues who live in both areas). During the day, everyone who participated had the opportunity to relax in the beautiful landscape, enjoying coffee in the morning and lunch at noon and then ice cream (drinks and food were plentiful, as it was in the form of a "buffet"). The adults had the opportunity to relax and get to know each other better and the children to engage in either the activities of the area such as archery, climbing, mountain biking, track and field and tree crossings and laser guns. Finally, the younger children did face painting and had fun with clowns and the entertainers.

During the event, the Management of the company honored all the colleagues who completed more than 20 years in the company.

3) Free mammography examinations and breast ultrasound. On the occasion of the World Breast Cancer Day, the company, in collaboration with diagnostic centers, proceeded to free mammography examinations as well as ultrasound of the breast for all its female employees in Greece. The employees were in the area of ​​Kilkis, Thessaloniki, Serres, Xanthi and Chania and had the opportunity within half a year to do the above tests at any time they wanted as well as to receive further information from the diagnostic centers. In addition, they could take advantage of the private group insurance program, which the company runs for all its employees (from their first day of work in the company) since 2017.


Impact on Society

Vocational Orientation Day:

1) parents and children were informed about career guidance issues and labor market needs

2) the children clarified which school is ideal for them based on their interests

3) the children were informed about the possibilities of professional development based on the school of their choice

4) parents and children found support from the organization following that activity

5) reduce stress in children and parents for such an important issue that actually concerns the whole family

Family day:

1) strengthening relations between employees

2) strengthening the team spirit

3) recognition of the offer of the employees in the company

"Free mammography and breast ultrasound":

1) easy access to examinations (no referrals were needed for booking appointments at the diagnostic centers)

2) wake up call to employees to such a serious issue. Due to the promotion of activity within the company, several male employees became aware and urged their wives to proceed with preventive examinations.

Initiative Location

Thessaloniki, Kilkis, Chania, Xanthi Serres

Working with Organization

We collaborated with:

1) Professional career counseling company, which helps every year more than 2,000 pupils and students to choose their studies and profession accordingly

2) Private property to support the "Family Day" action

3) Diagnostic centers in Greece


Workers Participation

In all three actions, employee participation was purely voluntary. The same was true for their families.

Especially for the action "free mammography examinations and breast ultrasound", the only participation that the company had was in the communication with the diagnostic centers and in the payment of the exam expenses.

All the company's employees were informed via email and through the company's  intranet. For the activities, where it concerned the participation of specific groups, ie the working women, the working parents with children aged 14-17 years, members of the Human Resources Department of the company called each one individually on the phone to inform them about the activities.


Benefits for Οrganization

The benefits for the organization that the these three actions provided:

1) Balancing personal and professional life

2) Strengthening the commitment of employees to the company

3) Improving employee satisfaction indicators

4) Strengthening the image of the company as an employer that cares not only for its people, but also their families. All actions were promoted on the company's social media

Connection with Global Goals

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