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Distribution of Sanitary Material to Public Benefit Organizations for Protection against COVID-19

Distribution of Sanitary Material to Public Benefit Organizations for Protection against COVID-19

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GIVMED is a non-profit organization aiming at facilitating access to medicines for all. You may easily and quickly donate the medicines you no longer need to social pharmacies, nursing homes and other public benefit entities.

Objective Action

The aim of the initiative is the protection of beneficiaries and health professionals in the public benefit bodies of GIVMED’s network against COVID-19, covering their basic needs in necessary sanitary material such as: masks (fabric or/and disposable), disposable gloves, face shields, antiseptics, robes. Particular focus was given to non-profit nursing homes and nursing homes on islands (during the summer season), where our elderly fellow human beings are benefited, the most vulnerable group to the virus.



Target Audience

The target audience of the initiative is:

1.    Public Benefit Bodies of GIVMED’s network (non-profit nursing homes, social pharmacies, etc.)

2.    Beneficiaries of the above bodies

3.    Companies and Institutions, supporters of GIVMED’s actions




26/3/2020 - 15/12/2020




With the outbreak of the pandemic in Greece, GIVMED immediately identified the need to support the Public Benefit Bodies of its network in this critical period for public health. In addition to the regular coverage of their pharmaceutical needs, GIVMED took action to provide the necessary sanitary material following the below procedure:

1. Immediate recording of the needs of the Public Benefit Bodies regarding the types and the quantities of the sanitary material

2. Fund raising, securing and management the necessary capital by companies and institutions for the purchase of sanitary material

3. Receiving offers from companies that produce / distribute the sanitary material

4. Cooperation with a courier company for the free delivery of the sanitary material to Public Benefit Bodies

5. Promotion of the action on the internet


The special features of the initiative mainly concern the capability of taking immediate action utilizing the network. More specifically, the direct contact with the Public Benefit Bodies of the network facilitated:

1. the immediate communication and exchange of information about the action. Through the cooperation with 145 Public Benefit Bodies there was the opportunity for direct communication with them for the recording of their needs in sanitary material.

2. the accurate recording of the needs in sanitary material, securing the exact necessities where there was a need, and eliminating the risk of wasting products.



Impact on Society

The results of the action include:

1.    Supporters / Funders: 11

2.    Number of non-profit organizations that received sanitary material: 93

3.    Number of beneficiaries: 13,000

4.    Value of sanitary material: 70,000 €

5.    Online media posts: 17


The distribution of sanitary material has significantly strengthened the Public Benefit Bodies by supporting the health professionals to cope with the demanding conditions and to ensure to a large extent the protection of the health of their beneficiaries.

At the same time, the motivation and activation of their supporters enabled them to use their financial resources in an effective way for the benefit of public health and socially vulnerable groups.


Initiative Location

The action benefited 93 Public Benefit Bodies in 23 regions of Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Mytilini, Syros, Santorini, Salamina, Corfu, Samos, Agrinio, Aigio, Ioannina, Heraklion, Chania, Lamia, Patras, Lemnos, Chios, Thiva, Naoussa, Veria).



Working with Organization

GIVMED designed and implemented the supporting action of Public Benefit Bodies against COVID-19 utilizing its own human and technological resources. However, its cooperation with more than 100 Public Benefit Bodies was crucial for the registration of the products in need. Also, the cooperation with companies and institutions helped in securing the necessary capital and the cooperation with a courier company in the immediate and free delivery of the products to the Public Benefit Bodies.



Workers Participation

For the protection of  its employees and volunteers, GIVMED has adopted remote working since the beginning of the pandemic, yet operating at an equally intensive pace.

Given the circumstances, this action was completed with remote working mainly by 3 employees of the organization:


1.    the Development Manager of GIVMED to ensure the necessary capital and reach suppliers

2.    the Partners & Medicine Donations Coordinator with the Public Benefit Bodies for the recording of the needs and the coordination of the delivery of the sanitary material

3.    the Marketing Coordinator for promoting the supporting action



Benefits for Οrganization

The main benefit for GIVMED was the demonstration that its actions and operations could be equally effective in both emergencies and large-scale health challenges. Also, through the coordination of this action, GIVMED got in touch with new sponsors / supporters and created new trustful relationships. 


Finally, GIVMED is its network and with this as a given it managed to serve its purpose as much as possible by providing the necessary sanitary material in a state of health crisis.


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