Structure of support for social cohesion and development intervention actions "Social Network Attiki"

Structure of support for social cohesion and development intervention actions "Social Network Attiki"

Region of Attiki

Objective Action

"Social Network Attiki" is in line with the general objectives of the Regional Social Inclusion Strategy, constituting the operational arm of coordination, monitoring, evaluation and implementation of social policy, participating in the implementation and determination of its priorities, based on the needs of the local community.

Objectives of the action are: 1. the coordination of planning processes of the Regional Social Integration Strategy and the creation of a networking and consultation mechanism with all stakeholders involved in the implementation of the intervention areas 2. the filling of the gap of access to the necessary information and support to all stakeholders and beneficiaries, 3. utilization of data, studies and research for the feedback, redesign and adaptation of the planned actions to the particularities of the local data 4. the updating of groups and needs formed in the Region and the implementation of pilot (spatial or thematic field) deepening social cohesion. Finally, the planning and implementation of social orientation actions, rapid intervention, which are partially or not covered by the social actors and identification, recording, evaluation and monitoring of particular spatial social problems.


Target Audience

66 Municipalities of the Attica Region and all citizens belonging to vulnerable groups of the population (unemployed, disabled, refugees, released prisoners, etc.)



November 2017 to June 2023. 


The ongoing economic crisis, the rapid growth of long-term unemployment and poverty levels, highlights the Region as being subject to a high risk of poverty and increasing social exclusion problems.

In this direction, the "Structure in support of social cohesion and development intervention - Social Network Attica" was designed. The vision of the Region, through the operation of the Structure, is to create a coherent network of social protection and empowerment with emphasis on vulnerable groups in the Attica Region.

In its 3.5 years of operation, its executives have highlighted its added value as a staff hub in four areas.

The first concerns the support of the operation of the Regional Observatory of Social Inclusion (based on Law 4445/2016), which supplies the Region and other competent bodies with data recording the needs of the local community, especially the most vulnerable population groups. (Annual Report of the Social Policy of the Attica Region, Annual spatial report of the concentration of unemployed & beneficiary of minimum guaranteed income of the Attica Region)

The second area relates to the monitoring of the operation of the population protection network through social structures, funded by the European Social Fund or by national resources. (Geospatial Information System for monitoring social structures and Geospatial Information System for monitoring the health units of the Attica Region)

The third area concerns the operation of a rapid response mechanism in emergencies (such as the catastrophic fires of July 23, 2018 and the recent pandemic crisis)

Finally, the fourth area concerns socially innovative actions for targeted groups of beneficiaries (Street work in pockets of poverty - gathering of marginalized groups, Cultural actions in children living in institutions, closed long-term care structures, health units, special schools).


Impact on Society

The main result is to fill the gap of access to information, prevention and full support to all stakeholders and beneficiaries. Also the rapid intervention / support (including the planning, implementation and monitoring of actions) from the Structure to institutions and citizens.

Social content actions

1.Assessment of the impact of social distancing measures during the COVID-19 pandemic (completed)

Beneficiaries: 300 substance addicts

2. Street work in pockets of poverty - gathering of marginalized groups (completed)

Beneficiaries: 2,138 people (homeless, drug addicts and victims of trafficking)

3. Cultural activities for children living in institutions, closed long-term care structures, health units, special schools (in progress)

Beneficiaries: 120 children - members of vulnerable groups

4.Pilot program of prevention and pre-symptomatic control in the Municipalities of Agia Varvara, Dafni - Ymittos, Megareon and Nea Smyrni (in progress)

Beneficiaries: 8,621 beneficiaries, 5,226 beneficiaries completed free medical examinations.

Initiative Location

The 8 Regional Units of the Attica Region: Central Sector, Northern Sector, Southern Sector, Western Sector, Western Attica, Eastern Attica, Piraeus and Islands. 


Working with Organization

With the 66 Municipalities of the Attica Region, with the competent ministries and their executive structures.

Workers Participation

"Social Network Attiki" employs 22 people. 

Benefits for Οrganization

The benefits for the Organization so far can be summarized as follows: a) direct involvement of the body in the design and implementation of development programs, b) acquisition of know-how in the management - administrative requirements of co-financed programs, c) adoption of monitoring procedures for project implementation, development) tools for measuring the objectives and e) gaining experience of the involved executives of the institution.

Connection with Global Goals

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