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EUROPEAN RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE CO. S.A. is a comprehensive insurance company which is active in all modern insurance sectors. It provides full insurance coverage to individuals as well as to companies.


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Objective Action

The European Reliance SA implemented measures against Covid-19 in our country, having as a target the enhancement of Greek society and the provision of support to those target group which are in need. 

The European Reliance SA, all these years, has proved the support of society through actions of Corporate and Social Responsibility. For that reason, Company contribute to such a crucial situation as that we are facing the recent months.

The main objectives of this initiative are to ensure the health of our people, their continuous support, the uninterrupted provision of services to our insured as well as the support of the State and Society.


Target Audience

The actions which are implemented against Covid-19 affect the Greek society and the Greek State



The Company started the implementation of actions from the first moment of the appearance of the pandemic in our country and will continue until its elimination.


European Reliance SA choose the actions that are implemented in order to effectively support those who are most affected by effects of Covid-19.

Specifically, Company implemented measures for the prevention and protection of the employees and the insured, applying teleworking for over 90% of its employees and supporting the personnel with special virtual seminars and extraordinary remuneration of € 1 mil. The Company also performs on a regular basis disinfections in all of its building facilities and created an on-line P.O. Box for the secure receipt and dispatch of documents to facilitate all insurance agents and the insured.

The Company, aiming to contribute to the national efforts for the treatment of the Covid-19 pandemic, donated 10 high-tech ventilators and other healthcare equipment to the Ministry of Health, provided freely three-month insurance coverage to 250 vehicles of the Mobile Health Units donated by AVIS to the Hellenic National Public Health Organization (EODY) and participated in the scheme “Special Purpose Mobile Health Units” of EODY.

At the same time, the Company made a donation to the Association of Insurance Companies of Greece and the amount that raised was given to the Ministry of Health.

Last but not least, European Reliance SA provided laptops to support e-learning in schools. 


Impact on Society

The actions which are taken place have as an outcome the support of Greek Health System and Educational System. Furthermore, the extraordinary remuneration received by the employees, the financial discounts for the insured as well as the implementation of all health measures resulted in the reduction of the effects of the pandemic.

Initiative Location


Working with Organization

The European Reliance collaborates with Avis Hellas, the Association of Insurance Companies of Greece and the Greek Ministry of Health.

Workers Participation

Company’s employees participated in the planning of the actions, presenting their ideas and proposals.

Benefits for Οrganization

Social solidarity is a key feature of the ideology and corporate philosophy that governs the Company. The benefits that the Company derives from the implementation of these actions is the strengthening of the trust that it receives all these years from the society as a whole.

Connection with Global Goals

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