First Aid Training Seminars to organized groups of citizens all over North Greece

First Aid Training Seminars to organized groups of citizens all over North Greece


The NGO 'Crisis Management Team' was founded in 2008 with a mission to provide aid for response and recovery from mass disasters. It organizes and educates citizens in crisis management.

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Objective Action

In cases of natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, large scale accidents), response time is of paramount importance. An amount of 80 % of those being rescued are saved by people who are standing near them, an amount of 15% are saved by the organized state and only 5% by rescuers or other groups. Statistically speaking, 90% of the help provided is by people with no training. The aim of these seminars is to prepare and train the citizens of our city to prevent and deal with potential everyday dangers and emergency health issues in ways and using skills that will make them capable to help themselves, their families and their fellow citizens.


Target Audience

The seminars targeted at any kind of groups of people living in a small village, companies, groups of the same proffession, and generally wherever we are asked to help or inform.



One or two seminars of 3 - 5 hours


After contact with the head of an association, company or village, we make a plan/schedule of the training time and place. Following that, a 3-hour presentation is carried out about specific topics for the identification and management of risks such as trauma, burn, choking, fainting etc., or the recognition of loss of breathing and its consequences, how to call an ambulance, CPR and the use of Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). The presentation is experiential and involves rescue workers who apply the skills in real time and is followed by the participants themselves taking part.


Impact on Society

This action has been in place for about a year in places that we are invited to inform and help educate our fellow citizens. We are invited by cultural associations, dance schools, martial arts groups and some divisions of the Criminal Police but also in villages with initiatives to educate as many residents possible, regardless of age.

Initiative Location

North Greece & Attica

Working with Organization

In cooperation with individuals, local authorities, public services.

Workers Participation

5 to 7 volunteer rescuers are responsible for the first aid trainee seminars, in rotation.


Benefits for Οrganization

Until now:

- 2 seminars at Police with 320 policemen, in total,
- 2 seminars at Police Crime Lab 50 criminologies, KAPAP Academy 30 bodyquards,
- Sykia & Sarti villages at Halkidiki 200 people,
- Promaxoi village, 120 people.

Connection with Global Goals

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