Energy upgrade of school units of the Municipality of Heraklion, Attica

Energy upgrade of school units of the Municipality of Heraklion, Attica

Objective Action

The Municipality of Heraklion, Attica, is steadily and gradually proceeding with the energy upgrade of the school units of the city. The relevant interventions in two large school units (1st & 2nd Primary School) have already been completed, the contract for the next 3 (3rd Primary, 6th Primary and 9th Kindergarten) has been auctioned and funding has already been secured for the upgrade of three more (1st High School, 4th Elementary, 5th Elementary). The aim is to develop new infrastructure for the children of the city, hospitable and efficient, environmentally friendly, reducing the need to consume natural resources for their operation.


Target Audience




The school building infrastructure throughout Greece is, for the most part, obsolete with an impact on the basic functionality of school buildings, let alone their energy footprint. In this sense and given the inability, in this economic situation, of the Greek State to build new buildings, the energy upgrade of existing structures is one way to the development of Education and environmental sustainability, especially in urban areas.


Impact on Society

In the schools that have already completed the energy upgrade, where hundreds of children have been accommodated after their renovation, there has already been a reduction in the cost of their operating expenses while students are taught about the benefits of energy-friendly buildings.

Initiative Location

Working with Organization

The energy upgrade programs of the schools of the Municipality of Heraklion, Attica are financed per school package by:

- Green Fund

- Region of Attica


Workers Participation

Benefits for Οrganization

Connection with Global Goals

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