TOPIC: Initiatives on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic


Awareness Campaign for Covid-19 prevention measures at Mitsis Hotels

Awareness Campaign for Covid-19 prevention measures at Mitsis Hotels


With 17 hotels in the most beautiful destinations of Greece, Mitsis Hotels has been a tourism pioneer for over 40 years now offering excellent service, great locations, impeccable facilities, sophisticated dining and a broad spectrum of options for its clientele, following  the Sustainable Development requirements.


Objective Action

Accurate and comprehensive provision of information to Mitsis Hotels' visitors regarding health and safety protocols, policies and measures that are applied in the context of each property's reopening, through the use of audiovisual material.


Target Audience

Hotel guests (actual and potential), hotel employees




Mitsis Hotels Group has compiled a comprehensive Health & Safety Protocol for its employees and an operating manual for its hotel guests, available in multiple languages. Mitsis Hotels also created a series of informative videos, posters and signs to advise guests on best practices, hygiene tips, social distancing and other measures for the prevention of Covid-19, posted both online and throughout the hotel properties.


Impact on Society

1. Compliance with all health and safety measures, 2. Safe accommodation for all hotel guests 3. Effective modification of operation for all hotel departments, 4. Enhancement of special training for employees, 5. Avoidance of potential Covid-19 cases and spread of the pandemic within the hotels, destinations and local communities.

Initiative Location

Athens, Crete, Kamena Vourla, Kos, Rhodes

Working with Organization

Health First - Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, Safe Restart - TÜV Hellas - TÜV Nord

Workers Participation

Benefits for Οrganization

Connection with Global Goals

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