Environmental Management Actions of Palmyra Beach Hotel, emphasizing on the new Waves Eco Bar-Restaurant within the Hotel.

Environmental Management Actions of Palmyra Beach Hotel, emphasizing on the new Waves Eco Bar-Restaurant within the Hotel.

Objective Action

Renovation of “Waves Eco Bar-Restaurant” within the certified eco-friendly Palmyra Beach Hotel, in order to raise awareness and awake a stream of environmental consciousness, not only for our overseas visitors but also for the local community.


Target Audience

Hotel’s guests, local community, visitors, clients of the restaurant, businessmen



April 2019 – up until today.


Palmyra Beach Hotel wants to be proud of hospitality services and feels a strong sense of corporate social responsibility. During this year, an entire renovation has been accomplished at the bar-restaurant in the garden of our hotel. Our target is to become the example of an ecological awareness for our foreign visitors and the local community, as we are on alert to constant destruction of the natural environment.

To start with the construction materials, after extensive research a specific material has been chosen by the innovative company WonderWallstudios (https://wonderwallstudios.com). This business organization locates abandoned wood in poor areas of the planet, which are remodeled in order to reuse them (upcycling). So, Waves Eco Bar & Restaurant has been constructed by recycled wood. In addition, the whole decoration of the place includes true flowers and plants and even underwater elements such as shells and turtles for the purpose of enhancing the element of nature. In the spot, ecological messages are placed specified “There is no planet B”. On top of that, a public library has been created where everybody can find books that conform to the philosophy of nature protection.

Pricelist of the restaurant and the bar has been radically changed to make it more eco-friendly. Healthy food options are added on the list, which are made by organic substances. Special mention is made in the new menu of vegan and raw-vegan dishes. Furthermore, the beverage list is enriched by a wide variety of fresh nutrient juices as well as organic beverages, top quality wines and beers (OPAP) and protected geographical indications (PGIs).

The ecological nature of “Waves Eco Bar- Restaurant” is further enhanced by the careful selection of consumables for everyday use.  The absence of plastic is generally noticeable in all materials. The straws are biodegradable.  The same policy applies to paper wherever it is used named napkins, sousplat, sousverre, which are all energy-efficient. There is also strong presence of recycling. In the area, recycle bins for paper, glass, plastic, aluminum and batteries are found. The lighting is made of low-energy lamps and kitchen uses natural gas.

Moreover, in order to broaden the abundant Greek flora, a botanical garden is created. After studying the most beneficial herbs, we selected 17 different types of natural botanicals which are exhibited to provide a unique experience for our visitors. For each and every herb, clients can read their name, their value for human health and how they are used in food. All of them are taken care by our staff and they are used in dishes prepared by the chef.

Finally, in collaboration with the Nonprofit Organization for the Protection of the sea turtle “Archelon”, promotional material and ecological messages are developed to raise public awareness about the protection of the underwater world. Also, actions are encouraged to clean local beach.


Impact on Society

Traffic in “Waves Eco Bar- Restaurant” has increased by 44%. In addition, 19311 clients are informed about the “Archelon” Organization for the Protection of the Sea Turtle and are encouraged to visit and support it. Alongside, within five months, 120kilos of plastic and aluminum are recycled.

Initiative Location

Glyfada, Attica

Working with Organization

“Archelon” Organization for the Protection of the Sea Turtle.

Workers Participation

All staff of “Waves Eco Bar- Restaurant” is an integral part of the overall effort. They decided voluntarily to adopt a turtle in support of the “Arhelon” Organization for the protection of the Sea Turtle. They urge visitors to visit the organization by wearing blouses and badges with the picture of a sea turtle (similar to the cover page of the catalogue). But the volunteer action of the staff to protect the environment does not stop there. Our team participates in all local beach cleaning activities in our area and is extremely sensitive to assistance of natural disasters.


Benefits for Οrganization

The ecological character of the hotel has improved considerably. The rating on the customer satisfaction survey for the hotel’s eco- friendly practices has been improved by 34% within six months. In addition, specific practices have increased the environmental sensitivity of all employees. Also, customer list has been increased by attracting organizations that are aware of environmental issues and sensitive of the ecosystem.

Connection with Global Goals

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