The educational non-profit organization eduACT with actions across whole Greece brings innovation to the training of tomorrow's leaders. Educational workshops, science and robotics are combined to cultivate values to improve the quality of their life and their social environment.

Objective Action

FIRST  LEGO  League is a global competition of educational robotics, of research and innovation, the organization of which in Greece and Cyprus has been undertaken exclusively by Eduact - Action for the Education . It is essentially a competition through which the participants face a realistic problem that concerns different thematics each year. With their own innovations, participants locate a realistic problem, propose a breakthrough solution  and finally communicate their vision to a wider audience. Through this alternative way of learning , participats discover the essence of knowledge and cultivate fundamental values. The professionalism and responsibility they accomplish from a young age aids them to excellently handle the internet and the new forms of technology engaging in a more appealing way of learning. 


Target Audience

 FIRST  LEGO  League is open to all children, indiscriminately, from 9 until 16 years that love LEGO, but also collaborating with others.



The season begins on August and is wrapped up with the National Championship in the spring of every year. 



FIRST  LEGO  League is a leading organization of robotics, with the form of competition, for children of age 9 until  16 years. It has been drawn in order to help children to discover and to love the science and the technology with the most amusing way acquiring confidence in their possibilities and believing in themselves, teaching them at the same time precious dexterities for their life. It is a collaboration of Not Speculative Organisation FIRST(R)  (For  Inspiration  and  Recognition  of  Science  and  Technology) and his educational sector LEGO(R) and is organised each year, from  1998, in more from  80 countries worldwide.


Impact on Society

Through the competition of educational robotics FIRST  LEGO  League   , children accomplish giving  solutions in problems that the adults cannot , through the manufactures that prepare through the whole year . The profits for the children are multiple as not only they get the chance to represent their country in the abroad  with their own unique manufactures, they also get the chance  to be transformed in small scientists giving solutions in real problems that faces their own local society, educated by  learning  new ways to improve their quality of life and acquire very good supplies for their later professional development. 

Initiative Location

Eduact is based in Thessaloniki and the National competition is organized there. However very fast, educational robotics attracted many children and trainers from all over Greece thus preliminary competitions are organized in collaboration with Eduact in Crete, Xanthi, Volos, Athens and many more areas.




Working with Organization

FIRST  LEGO  League takes place   in  more than  88 countries , one of whom is also Greece  . For this year it takes place under the Aegis of the chairman of Democracy of Gentleman Prokopioy Paylopoyloy  . In level of local institutions ,  eduACT  collaborates with  all Municipalities as well as with the Region of Central Macedonia , with the academic institutions, with schools public and private, with structures as are the XANTH, the NOESIS, Megaro Mousikis, the Abbey Lazariston , ΔΕΘ ΗELEXPO as well as with a crowd of companies and enterprises that support the organisation and their action in type in the frame of their Corporate Social Responsibility.


Workers Participation

As FIRST  LEGO  League is taking place , employess  participate also in the competition as they  occupy vital places as  the organisational and coordinative committee, however , the competition is held by  the attendance of 450 volunteers.


Benefits for Οrganization

From the very first year, Eduact brought FLL to Greece and the Balkans, the benefits for the organism have been multiple as generations of children grow to love robotics more and more wishing to engage to a greater extent with the programs and activities facilitated by Eduact. continuously more the robotics and wish they participate again. In the meantime, children who are now too old to participate, joing the organization as members and volunteers offering their experience and knowledge back to the community that benefited them when they were younger. 



Connection with Global Goals

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