Floor game of environmental education “The Planet Guards

Floor game of environmental education “The Planet Guards


Acharnes Municipality-the fourth most populated Municipality in Attica-is located in the base of mountain Parnitha and is 11 kilometers far from the center of Athens. In ancient period, according to Thοukididis, it was the biggest Municipality after Athens.


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Objective Action

A category’s "The miracles of nature" goal is to develop children’s admiration and curiosity about the world they live in and furthermore, their love for it and their will to protect it. These questions, although simple, are not widely known and motivate the kid for further research with their teachers or their parents.

B category’s "Science and human" goal is to inspire the kids and refers to them as future scientists, politicians, assemblymen, inventors and citizens of the world. Accomplishments of humans are mentioned here, along with the new trends of science whose goal is sustainable development.

C category’s "Don’t throw anything" is mainly focused on usage of natural resources and the benefits of recycling-composting so as for children to realize that natural resources are not endless. Moreover, we make them find alternative uses concerning simple daily things before they are dropped to the bin.

D category’s "Nature revenges" refers to today’s environmental issues plus the repercussions of non-logic human interference to nature. Here, we explain today’s dialect that is used daily without even adults knowing its true meaning. For example, ‘’ blue flag beach”, ‘’space debris’’, ‘’ozone hole’’, ‘‘urban heat island”, ‘’green roof’’ etc.

E category "Did you know?" informs children of general interest and furthermore has clues from mythology and topical traditions and legends so as to realize the close relationship between human and environment throughout the centuries.

Last but not least, there is a particular category for "infant" children that has to do with awkward phenomena and information so as for them to know the world better. They mentally travel to the sea, the mountain and the town and they’re supposed to answer to critical questions about their own behavior there.


Target Audience

Primary and secondary education students.



From January 2015 to March 2016.


The "Planet guards" is a floor game of environmental education which has been approved by the board of education (prot. num. 62620/Γ7/23-4-2014) and consists of 6 types of questions. It refers to primary and secondary education students. These types of questions are the following:

a) The miracles of the nature,

b) Science and human,

c) Don’t throw anything,

d) Did you know?,

e) Nature revenges and

 f) Questions for infants.

The game lasts about 45’ and is played in a 6x6 tarp. The participant children are separated into 4 teams (The Bees, The Polar Bears, The pink flamingos and The Karetta-Karetta Turtles) and as soon as they answer correctly, they move their checker. Whoever reaches the end first will be the winner.

The copyrights of this game have been established by the 22628/11-6-2014 and 22864/6-2-2015 notarisations.


Impact on Society

The game is continuous action. In the period from January 2015 to March 2016, it was presented in 30 schools of the municipality and about 1700 students participated.

Initiative Location

All schools of primary and secondary education of Acharnes Municipality.

Working with Organization

This educational game was approved for its utilization by the primary and secondary education students of Acharnes Municipality board of education (prot. num. 62620/Γ7/23-4-2014) along with the advisory principle 2818/24-3-2014 of Educational Policy Institute.        


Workers Participation

The presentation of the game is done by the employee of the municipality, Papadonikolaki Eleftheria of Kyprianos, chief of the Department of the Environment of Environment and Greenery Division of the Acharnes Municipality, presence of the educator of the class.


Benefits for Οrganization

All students did show an exceptional interest during the game and started searching for more information for topics they’re interested in, so as to broaden their knowledge. Then, they coordinated their own knowledge game pertaining the environment, along with excursions and crafted things from recyclable items.

Connection with Global Goals

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