Region of Western Greece

Objective Action

Raising awareness of the student community and citizens about the abolition of the plastic bag.


Target Audience

The student community of the Region of Western Greece and the general population.



Approximately 6 months.


All teachers who participated in Environmental Education programs in the Thematic Axis of Waste Management were invited to participate in a Training Day on Environmental Impact from the Use of Plastics. Teachers had experiential information on the stages of the action and explained what the students would ask for. Students and teachers built a handbag in their own school or college in environmentally friendly materials. Following student's vote, the best three bags of each class emerged. On the day of open action at Georgiou Square in Patras, all participating students were asked to draw and seal as many handbags as possible which were supplied by the Special Service for the Operational Program of the Region of Western Greece. The bags were then distributed to the citizens in the city center. The action was completed by awarding the handbags that were selected which were exhibited together with all the relevant constructions at an open event led by the Governor of the Region of Western Greece.


Impact on Society

Participation: 8 gymnasiums (colleges) and 14 primary and nursery schools with 455 students and 76 teachers. The creations of four schools, namely the 16th Gymnasium of Patras, the Special Secondary High School and the Lyceum of Patras, the 2nd Kindergarten of Rio and the 1st Primary School of Akrata.

Initiative Location

Achaia Prefecture.

Working with Organization

Special Management Service / OP Region of Western Greece

Department of Environmental Education / Primary Education of Achaia

Department of Environmental Education / Secondary Education of Achaia


Workers Participation

There was support from the staff of the involved units: The Special Management Service / OP The Region of Western Greece, the Department of Environmental Education / Primary Education of Achaia and the Department of Environmental Education / Secondary Education of Achaia.


Benefits for Οrganization

75% reduction of pollution from plastic bags (Kathimerini newspaper 19.06.2018 -http://www.kathimerini.gr/970282/article/epikairothta/ellada/meiwsh-75-ths-plastikhs-sakoylas.

Over a lifetime, the use of reusable bags by a single person will save over 22,000 plastic bags. Changing attitudes and behaviors of consumers to restrict the use of plastic bags as well as to raise awareness on the side effects of "single use" or "disposable" everyday items such as plastic straws, plastic glasses ect.

Connection with Global Goals

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