The commitment to optimal customer service through the development of innovative services as a result of the Digital Transformation of the Quest Group

The commitment to optimal customer service through the development of innovative services as a result of the Digital Transformation of the Quest Group


Quest Holdings SA is the parent company of the Quest Group, one of the largest groups of companies in Greece, with a strong presence in the sectors of Digital Technologies, E-Commerce, Electronic Transactions, Green Energy, as well as Courier Services and Postal Services.


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Objective Action

The best possible customer service and contribution to its digital transformation through the provision of innovative services resulting from the digital business transformation of the Quest Group companies.


Target Audience

Group customers, total market, employees



2018 and ongoing


The Quest Group companies are successfully growing in the marketplace, dominating each and every one in its sector, having a customer-centric approach and a top priority, providing the best possible customer service through the provision of innovative products and services.

 Quest Group, given the modern requirements and changes that are taking place both at the technological level and at the level of the transformation of the business models, as well as the radical changes observed in the clients' behaviors, develops and implements an integrated strategy of digital business transformation for its subsidiaries companies. In this strategy, the Group takes into account the products and solutions at the cutting edge of Technology and helps businesses digitally transform, the tools and solutions that help serve the customer, but also the internal Digital Transformation that takes place within of the Group's companies.

The core of the strategy is the recognition and exploitation of the opportunities and potential of new technologies and their optimal, rapid and innovative exploitation for the benefit of the Group's customers. The Group has set up an inter-group working group to identify the central transformation objectives of the Group, the priorities of each subsidiary, depending on its subject, the plan of action and the timetable for implementation, according to the basic components of the Digital Transformation to the new "digital" client and its service, business processes and digitization, the implementation of new Business models and the enhancement of digital skills of employees.

Focusing on the best possible customer service, the Quest Group companies design, implement and implement new innovative solutions and services that provide a competitive advantage and enhance the experience of each customer. Indicatively stating:

1. Understanding needs and personalized communication: Info Quest Technologies and Quest Online implement advanced CRM and Call Center systems, multiple Online Satisfaction Surveys, Feedback and Evaluation Tools to detect customer satisfaction, ACS uses digital tools such as Viber, SMS, and an advanced application it has recently implemented. iSquare and iStorm use CRM to create customer profiles and targeted communication, while Cardlink plans to segment its customers based on analytics

2. Advanced Infrastructure: Info Quest Technologies and Quest Online are implementing an electronic pricing and automation system to execute orders by making each transaction easier and faster. ACS offers customer self-service "Business Tools" through its website, iSquare and iStorm are exploring the ability to easily priced the customer with digital tools without requiring passage from the physical space of the fund, Cardlink plans to market data to dealers and Uni Systems utilizes advanced project management and communication systems for project implementation.

3. Innovative services:

- Info Quest Technologies has online stores for product and cloud Services, promotes innovative cloud marketing solutions, the core of digitization of retail businesses, utilizing modern ways of communicating with its customers - Yammer, skype, video conferencing.

- Quest on Line, with the e-shop for everyday use and technology utilizes chatbots, viber and sms messages as well as alternative ways of delivery and payment, making e-shopping and mobile shopping easier than ever.

- ACS has automatic delivery points (ACS Smart Point ) at selected Shell stations where e-shop customers can now whenever they want to get their orders from specially designed "ACS Smart Point" lockers while the company has designed  a new IVR system and is looking for ways to get more involved with its customers. At the same time, it has implemented advanced applications, such as the innovative ACS re-direct application, which enables the customer to redefine the place / time of delivery of the package, applications for business customers, for better management of their shipments, and ACS Mobile APP application for cell phone search.

- iStorm leverages iBeacons' new technology to deliver personalized information to its customers while approaching a product in the physical store, and iSquare designs a digital tool to help sell the online environment.

- Cardlink, working in the demanding Fintech space, is digitally in touch with its customers through its YouTube Channel, offering POS terminal usage instructions through a dedicated merchant service and support site and via the POS4All eshop for easy POS terminal transfer while planning to use, among other things, chatbots to solve customer service issues faster.

- Uni Systems uses the cutting edge technology to design and implement complex projects that incorporate innovation by design, contributing to the modernization of businesses and Organizations at local and European level.


Impact on Society

Prompt, better and faster customer service and contribution to its digital transformation through innovation

Initiative Location

Greece & Europe

Working with Organization

Workers Participation

Active involvement of executives in the design and configuration of innovative services and customer service

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