HELLAS GOLD supports the labor market newcomers

HELLAS GOLD supports the labor market newcomers

Hellas Gold

The mining company HELLAS GOLD SA was established in December 2003 with aiming to: Operate mines of all kinds, processing and marketing of minerals, establish and operate metalworking operations for vertical integration of production in Halkidiki.


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Objective Action

  • Collaboration with universities in order to spread the knowledge and improve the corporate practices.
  • Improving school facilities and inccrease the rate of  students entering in higher education.

Target Audience

  • Students studying in related disciplines from Greece and abroad.
  • Students and schools


Continuous(2014-2016), summer intership takes place every summer .


The effort of Hellas Gold to support the local community is reflected in the coverage of functional needs of schools and support to pupils and students in the region. Costs related to the basic operational needs of schools in the area, such as heating and electronic equipment are covered by the company, while a reward is given each year to the locals that succeed to enter in the universities.

Summer Employment Program Aristotle Municipality students

The summer employment program offers young people, students from Aristotle municipality, the opportunity to familiarize themselves with a modern working environment, to learn everything about the mining activity and to live the reality in the Cassandra Mines. Indicatevely, almost 300 student participants participated in this program during the summer of 2015.

Open Door program for residents, students and pupils

The Open Doors program continued for the year 2015, with more than 1,000 visitors. Through this program we are ginving the opportunity to all interested parties to visit the sites of Hellas Gold and to see how we operate. During 2015 we were visited by high school students, university students and residents of the area.

Our consistency on the open door policy is providing an opportunity to students of different specialties related to mining activity, to see our work and talk with our scientific staff . The young people wanted to learn as much as possible about the mining projects, discussed technical details and figures and felt vindication for their scientific selection and optimistic about their job prospects.

•    The geological team of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki visited Hellas Gold facilities within training workshop held in February 2015 in Madem Lakkos.

Pioneers geologists had the opportunity to be initiated from the geological research department of the company, concerning geology and geological research in the mining zone of the Northeast Halkidiki.

The object of the scientific research was the 3D design and modeling by stages: Search, exploration and exploitation of a deposit, with emphasis on the use and potential of innovative programs, through examples from the mine of Black Stones. Moreover, this training workshop was held in the wider context of the Society of Economic Geologists actions (SEG) ( AUTH.


Impact on Society

The region acquires better physical infrastructure for schools of all levels with indirect effect of improving the quality of teaching. Besides, the incentives given for admission to higher education are important resulting to more universirt students from the area and subsequently to better educational level rates for the area.

Furthermore, the cooperation of the company with the academic community enables new employees to learn and grow in their fields in the most appropriate manner.

Initiative Location

North East Halkidiki

Working with Organization

  • The geological survey of Hellas Gold, is carried out by joined forces in the direction of research, designed to Geology and geological research by Geological Team of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Geological Research Department of Hellas Gold.
  • Cooperation with local elementary schools and high schools.


Workers Participation

The Human Resource department is involved in the organization of summer employment programs while the public relations department organizes and coordinates the activities of the open-door program and the tour participants in the summer employment program.


Benefits for Οrganization

The workforce of the area is improved as the majority of young people have studied and trained sufficiently. Moreover, partnerships with major academic institutions are improving business processes, increase staff satisfaction and enable our employees to further study their areas of interest.

Connection with Global Goals

No Connection with Global Goals found

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