Intergenerational Contact as a means of healthy ageing and Lifelong learning for the elderly

Intergenerational Contact as a means of healthy ageing and Lifelong learning for the elderly


The Department of Social Services consists of an expanded protection net over our city, that covers the whole of the population through consulting support, social work, prevention and health care projects.


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Objective Action

A) In 1993, the Open Centers for the Elderly (O.C.E) of our city designed and implemented the project "Intergenerational Contact as a means of healthy ageing". This project is still going on in our municipality in cooperation with the day nurseries. Elderly people are the most appropriate mediators of their generation's rich popular culture to the younger ones. This action aims at using knowledge and experiences of the members of the O.C.E., the promotion of their abilities and their recognition as active citizens. On the other hand, the younger generations can use the experience of the elderly to evolve emotionally and to enrich their backgrounds.

B) Moreover,  members of the Open Centers for the Elderly have embraced all initiatives, especially those related to personal development and skills in New Technologies. During 2015 and the first months of 2016 the Municipality of Aghii Anargiri Kamatero implemented an innovative project called "ACCESS TO DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES" in collaboration with  the organisation 50 + HELLAS and COSMOTE. 

An additional aspect for the personal evolution of the elderly is that the last two years they have embraced the life long learning programmes that are implemented in our Municipality. Therefore, a great deal of training courses were carried out in the Open Centers such as seminars on computers, foreign languages and mental health. All the above seminars are carried out in various Open Centers in our Municipality and they are enjoying the full participation of their members. As a consequence, these elements will help the elderly to evolve personally and at the same time to transfer their experience to the younger generations.


Target Audience

  1. The elderly - members of the Open Centers for the Elderly who are involved in the project.
  2. The children of the day nurseries of our Municipality.
  3. Τeachers and students.


Since 1993 until today.


This project has three distinguished phases:
Phase A: Selection for the elderly members who wish to participate. Updating of the professionals that are responsible for day nurseries about the project.

Phase B: Registering fairy tales, customs, making traditional toys, registering group toys. Select material and train the group.

Phase C: Meeting with the teachers and start the project with the participation of teachers and children. During the whole process of the project an on-going evaluation system will be imlpemented.


Impact on Society

  • Development of healthy ageing techniques and personal development for the elderly.
  • Exchange of experience and creation of feelings of love and affection for the participant children, able to make them evolve emotionally and to enrich their backgrounds.

Initiative Location

Day nurseries and primary schools of the Municipality of Aghioi Anargyroi - Kamatero.

Working with Organization

Cooperation between Open Centers for the elderly, the teaching stuff of the day nurseries, the Scientific stuff of the Department of Social Services and the school community.


Workers Participation

In order to achieve the best possible results in the above mentioned project, it will be necessary to have inter scientific collaboration of all specialities: social workers, psychologists, teachers, sociologists etc.

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