Objective Action

The transport of fine products of the Aegean from island to island and to Attica by sailing boats.

The promotion and networking of Aegean producers in markets of other islands, in Attica but also in Europe (Italy, France, Switzerland)

Mild ecological sailing tourism in the Aegean islands for visitors / crew members and highlighting the gastronomic and cultural wealth of the area without environmental footprint.


Target Audience

Producers of bio and traditional Aegean products, traders, local authorities, ecological and cultural associations, nautical clubs and alternative travelers.



Our action started unofficially in 2017, while in November 2019 the establishment of Social Cooperative Enterprise "Aegean Sails" took place.


The modern ecological sailing-transport of products is applied for the first time in Greece, a country with many islands, island groups and a large coastline with many ports, and the country is connected with the constantly growing trend at European and international level. The project incorporates elements of technical, organizational as well as social innovation.

In terms of technical innovation, it focuses on the marine transport of ecological products with zero carbon footprint and wind and electrical energy sources, and on the application of an ultrasonic system to replace the chemical moray eel to fight shellfish on the reefs. Zero fossil fuel use will be achieved by replacing the diesel engine with an electric motor, which will be powered by a mixture of photovoltaics, hydrogen generators and wind turbines that charge batteries, so that the boat, electronics and refrigerators are fully self-propelled.

The technical innovation also lies in changing the supply chain of ecological products, through the change in the way they are transported. As is well known, many islands of the Eastern and Western Aegean (Sporades) or the North and South Aegean are only slightly connected. The immediate result is a serious increase in food traffic since the transport necessarily passes through the main ports, and even the total suspension of the transport of goods that bring the culture and civilization of each place. Through this, an example of transport and interconnection of islands with limited or zero greenhouse gas emissions is created, with the ultimate goal of its multiplication and, through its effectiveness, the creation of a clean environmentally friendly transport model.

In terms of organizational innovation, the project focuses on the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and information, the improvement of processes as well as the efficiency of maritime transport of ecological products & the connection of the Aegean islands with each other and with mainland Greece.

In terms of social innovation, it focuses on the introduction of a new model of transport, based on ecological sailing-transport of ecological products on a small and medium scale and which offers sustainable economic, environmental and social prosperity, while being more efficient, effective and more sustainable in relation to with existing solutions. Through this, an example is created of transport and interconnection of islands with limited or zero greenhouse gas emissions, with the ultimate goal of its multiplication and, through its effectiveness, the creation of a clean environmentally friendly model of transport and distribution of ecological products.


Impact on Society

The producers of natural products of the Aegean and the shops selling traditional and organic products are the direct beneficiaries participating in the action. The number of members of the Aegean Cargo Sailing network exceeds 60 participants, while with continuous meetings and updates we are expected to have twice the members by the end of 2022.

The priority of the project is the integration of small producers of isolated islands, who are in a way a socially vulnerable group, because they do not have the channels of communication with the market and access to know-how, entrepreneurship or technology to develop their production. Typical examples are the inclusion of Schinoussa fava beans, and honey from Anafi and Psara.

The products of the Aegean Cargo Sailing network have a special marking (sticker) while their transport by the force of the wind contributes to the creation of a new brand of products that are produced, processed and transported in a traditional and ecological way. They are also placed in a special stand at the points of sale, so that they stand out from the other products and their demand increases. In this way, producers gain more points of sale for their products and gradually there will be a need to increase production and create new jobs throughout the supply chain (from production to transportation and sale).

The local authorities of many islands have already been involved in the action by organizing events to present the wind transport project. Actions are already being organized for this year in collaboration with the municipalities of Chios, Paros, Andros, Tinos and Patmos to raise awareness and engage the inhabitants of the islands for the environmental footprint of transport and tourism on the islands, by promoting green and environmentally friendly practices.

Respectively, in collaboration with sailing clubs and ecological groups, we organize workshops and activities with the free participation of the local community for cleaning paths and beaches. Lectures are also given to young people and school-age children in consultation with teachers and parents' associations on the historical importance of sailing in Greece and the possibilities of sailing education.

Greece, as a pre-eminent naval country, has a long tradition in commercial transport by sailing ships since antiquity. Aegean Cargo Sailing revives sea trade routes that hundreds of years ago were sailed by the Minoans, the Phoenicians, the ancient Greeks and later the shipowners who connected the islands of the archipelago with the entire Mediterranean. The resurgence of sailing combines knowledge and tradition from the past with new conditions and technological knowledge and meets the need and goal of using clean and cheap energy in an industry that is increasingly burdening the seas and the planet.

Initiative Location


20 islands in the Aegean Sea, ports in Attica, the Peloponnese and the Mediterranean.

Working with Organization

Support, Auspices and Synergies

We consider it very important for the Aegean Cargo Sailing initiative development to work with institutions as well as organizations whose object is related to our goals. In this context, we seek targeted synergies with organizations that share our vision. It is worth mentioning the following:

Greek Ministry of Tourism: The Ministry of Tourism has granted us its auspices (Protocol No. 2558/18/12/2019).

Greek Ministry of Environment & Energy: The Ministry of Environment & Energy will give us its auspices (official confirmation is expected)

Cyclades Chamber: We have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Cyclades Chamber as our actions are directly related to the actions of the Chamber for the promotion of Aegean Cuisine. Our common goal is to diffuse worldwide the gastronomic wealth of the Aegean and to strengthen the synergies between the agri-food companies. 

Municipal authorities: Fourteen Aegean Municipalities have already shown substantial interest in our project, having stated in writing, support for Aegean Cargo Sailing.

 Slow Food : An important synergy is that of Aegean Cargo Sailing with the global eco-gastronomic movement Slow Food, whose main mission is the global movement for justice and quality in nutrition Slow Food whose main aims are preservation of traditional, sustainable food production, biodiversity and quality nutrition for all. We work more closely with Slow Food Ikaria Convivium, whose aim is to preserve local culture and small scale production of food, sustainable and healthy for people and soil. It also promotes the nomination of typical, local products in the Ark of Taste and the local food varieties: stravoradi pear, chestnuts, local apricots, Pramnos Ikarian wine, Kathoùra local cheese. Creation of Earth Markets in the Island. 


Workers Participation

Our legal form is a Social Cooperative Enterprise. The Aegean Cargo Sailing team consists of 7 members who work for the organization, the management of the network, the communication with the producers and the stores, the communication and the management of the reservations of the visitors, the promotion and advertising etc. The crew of the sailing vessel consists of the captain, who has the general supervision of the actions and the management of the water transport, of volunteer sailors and of visiting tourists.


Benefits for Οrganization

Incoming revenue is generated in the following ways:

a) from alternative / responsible tourism
b) from retail stores that promote products of fair trade or carbon free, etc.
c) from European programs with priorities for the environment and green entrepreneurship
d) from subsidized action programs for climate change and environmental protection
e) from sponsors of the international networks of which we are a member (Sail Cargo Alliance, Wind Ship Association)
f) by groups of consumers ordering emission free products

The integration of visitors from abroad, journalists and sponsors in an ecological, experiential touring experience in the Aegean islands, participation in visits to producers, assistance in organizing information activities, co-production of Mediterranean gastronomy events, practical assistance in transporting products within choice of high economic, cultural and social value that makes the project sustainable without increasing the final cost of the products. Green transport combined with mild, gastronomic, and ethical tourism without environmental costs in the Aegean is a unique experience for visitors, who will contribute significantly to the financial viability of the program, while making the holidays, promoting a sustainable, responsible and ecological tourism model with respect for local communities and the environment.

Connection with Global Goals

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