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Objective Action

Training of technological staff in specialized issues related to their work and Certification of such training.


Target Audience

Employees in the production process



About 6 months (February - July 2020) for applications, preparation, training in 4-hour afternoon classes (2-3 times a week except Sundays/holidays and outside working hours), exams, evaluation.

Training includes theoretical and practical training in the form of case studies.


In collaboration with SEVEK – of which the Company is an active member – it was decided to participate in this training program.

The topics are:

Executive in department of hygiene and food safety in meat processing companies
Warehouse management executive in meat processing plants
Technical operator in cured meat industries-meat blend production
Technical operator in cured meat industries-packaging technician
Outdoor salesman of meat processing plants


Certification of the acquired knowledge and skills by accredited certification bodies of persons according to the ISO/IEC 17024 Standard is:

Food safety and quality manager
Warehouse management executive
Meat and prepared meat products specialist-Meat blend production technician
Meat and prepared meat products specialist-Packaging technician
Outdoor salesman

Although the program is individual, the Company decided to actively assist, encourage and support employees in all phases of training.

Phase A: Communication of the program to the employees (Production, Quality Control, Technical Service).

Support in the understanding of the thematic areas and in the selection of the appropriate topic by each interested party.

Phase B: Collection of Applications and necessary certificates

Assistance in the correct completion of the Applications and in the submission of the supporting documents for each interested party.

Processing of Applications (according to the GDPR rules) and bulk sending/submission electronically to SEVEK.

Phase C: Implementation, communication with Training Institution & participants

Continuous communication with the project contractor (VTC) for the procedural details, such as starting date, schedule, sending of employees’ working hours, resolution of procedural issues.

Continuous communication with the participants for the smooth implementation of the program, setting shifts according to the days and hours of training, until their certification and sending the Certificates of attendance to HR.

Phase D: Program evaluation

After the completion of the training and the examinations, the trainees filled in the HR form “Training program evaluation form”. The evaluations are processed in the HR database and classified in the program file.


Impact on Society

The meat processing sector is very specialized and there are few institutions where one can acquire special knowledge, certification and experience in real case studies in the industry. The instructors of the program are certified by EOPPEP for the topics they teach.

In addition, the program is subsidized and the beneficiaries are subsidized with the provided educational allowance. The prerequisite of the subsidy is that the persons must have completed the training and participated in the certification process.

Performance was measured by:

Α) 100% completion of the training of the participants

Β) 100% success in the certification exams of the participants

C) the positive evaluation by the participants (scale 1-5) and specifically

   Average = 4.1 in the question “The overview of the program is good” and

   Average = 4.3 in the question “I would recommend the program to other colleagues”

D) on the job evaluation of the trainees by their supervisors for:

   - understanding the production processes

   - application of the content of the program in daily work

Initiative Location

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the program was not implemented in the premises of the certified VTCs, but within the company and/or in the residences of the employees in the form of distance learning. The company tried to facilitate both by providing technological equipment and favorably regulating working hours.


Working with Organization

The program organization is the Association of Greek Meat Processing Industries (SEVEK).

Contractor is a Certified VTC.

The program is funded by the Ministry of Development (NSRF 2014-2020).


Workers Participation

The Program was communicated to all factory staff (non-administrative).

The goal was activation and participation of at least 5% in Phase A (2020) and 5% in the repetitive phase of the program (2021-2022), therefore 10% in total.

In Phase A in 2020, a total of 810 hours of training were implemented for the people of NIKAS.


Benefits for Οrganization

The Company always seeks the continuous improvement and development of its employees, guided by Occupational Safety and Health, with respect, meritocracy and justice.

Both the specialization of knowledge and the enhancement of broader skills of an employee are very important parameters for improving the performance of employees, but also for their personal development.

The Company's managers were informed throughout the duration of the action and regarding it results. Proposals for improvement and emergence of new opportunities were discussed. In particular, it was decided in a subsequent phase (and if the restrictions of the pandemic expire) that the program be implemented within the company NIKAS for even greater participation of employees, but also for tailor made case studies related to corporate production processes.

Furthermore, NIKAS can provide the facilities, technological equipment and human resources, in order to “host” educational activities for people who do not belong to the Company.

The Company, moreover, tries to communicate and interact with its Stakeholders. In this case, the synergy with the industry body SEVEK brings benefits for both parties.

Connection with Global Goals

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