The NGO 'Crisis Management Team' was founded in 2008 with a mission to provide aid for response and recovery from mass disasters. It organizes and educates citizens in crisis management.

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Objective Action

The idea for the construction of a climbing wall for people with special needs was created during a theatrical performance held by these people and attended by their parents and friends. Crisis Management Team was invited to attend the performance and this was the connecting link between it and Panagia Laodigitria accosiation for the disabled. After talks,clarifications and obtaining the necessary permits, odik raised the first climbing wall at the Comprehensive Schools of Ilioupoli. Another lofty goal came true…


Target Audience

The target audience for this task is primarily the disabled and the elimination of any inequalities concerning them and secondly any student who would like to experience climbing.



It took 4 months to obtain the permits,find the sponsors and complete the construction.


The specialized materials that were used and the mechanics with their technical know-how helped to the construction of a climbing wall that would be safe and pleasant to use .


Impact on Society

Although there was great interest and communication between associations and schools ,the safety measures against covid 19 and the lockdown prevented this possibility.However , 20-25 members of Panagia Evaggelistria association enjoyed the experience of climbing on a regular basis.

Initiative Location

VocationalTechnical schooλs of Municipality of Ilioupolis, Attika


Working with Organization

Carriers which contributed to the realization of our goal are: Alexander the Great association of ΑΗΕΡΑ HJ-03 of Thessaloniki, Training Rescue Team Ltd, Kappa Group Services Ltd, Kanelopoulos Wood & Materials, «ΜIchalis»Scaffolding , Katradis Group of Companies.



Workers Participation

The members of odik that participated are 22:

Fezoudis Konstabtinos, Hatzimallis Panagiotis, Doukaki Ioanna, Zografos Georgios, Vroutsis Iakovos, Fotinakis Evaggelos, Kanellopoulou Aikaterini, Kreatsas Konstantinos, Panatsis Konstantinos, Papaioannou Xara, Stamatopoulou Eirini, Schiza Aikaterini, Glykogiannis Nikolaos, Psachoulas Georgios, Kokolis Ioannis, Rammou Maria, Papageorgiou Nikolaos, Papageorgiou Xristos, Savvopoulou Aikaterini, Siampanos Stavros, Karakasi Fotini, Sougkas Charalampos.


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Benefits for Οrganization

The joy and smiles of the disabled children as well as the satisfaction of the parents who watched their children getting involved in sports previously prohibited or unattainable is the reward that odik reaped from the realization of this task

Connection with Global Goals

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