KETHEA STROFI band: Music changes you, changes the world!

KETHEA STROFI band: Music changes you, changes the world!


KETHEA is the largest rehabilitation and social reintegration network in Greece. It has been providing its services to drug addicts and their families since Ithaki, the first Greek therapeutic community, was set up in 1983.


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Objective Action

Concert organization involves cooperation with institutional and private entities, as it is an open activity targeting society. By this means, KETHEA STROFI establishes a support network (school communities, local governments, local communities and health/ cultural institutions all over Greece) that promotes its work on prevention and treatment of substance use in adolescence.

In particular, with regard to people following KETHEA STROFI therapeutic program, their participation in educational activities such as music, is a very good incentive for reconnecting with basic education, vocational rehabilitation, entering labor market, since addiction is associated with school abstinence and learning gaps.

Moreover, their involvement with music, training and non-formal education activities enhance their creative expression and build a new relationship with education system.


Target Audience

• Teenagers and young adults of KETHEA STROFI
• Teenagers and young adults who are in the phase of reintegration
• Volunteers, individuals
• School communities, companies, statutory bodies
• General public - awareness



The goal is to organize 4 concerts per year.


KETHEA STROFI, therapeutic program of KETHEA is based in Athens (Ag. Panteleimonas Acharnon). Its main goal is the reintegration of its members. Trained staff, educators of music and radio, share their skills with teenagers/ young adults, giving them stimuli and ability to express themselves creatively.

The band members with the support of the staff, develop a creative relationship with music, which is an important means of expression and a very helpful tool in order to abort use of drugs and rehabilitate.

The band participates in concerts, playing rock and pop music, delivering the message: "You can do it, but not alone". Along with concerts, music lessons are offered to new members of the therapeutic program so as to join the band later on.


Impact on Society

Teenagers and young adults who participate in the band develop a creative relationship with music, which helps them express themselves, offers them professional skills and show them how to work in groups, socialize, showcase their work.

Every year about 10 young people participate actively and constructively in the band, "building" systematically a "new self", away from the drug use and social marginalization.

Initiative Location


Working with Organization

The learning process, rehearsals and the concerts are a team work. For more than 10 years, the band, has collaborated with many famous musicians - volunteers who oeffred lessons and joined their voices with the band  (Giota Nega, Stathis Drogosis, Marietta Fafouti, Rallia Christidou and Georgina Karachaliou).

In order to organize concerts, KETHEA STROFI collaborates with local radio stations, municipalities, cultural associations, school communities, rehabilitation institutions, companies that support financially the band.

Each concert requires the support of a large group of people and organizations in order to raise public awareness on the problem of addictions and lead to the social reintegration of the members of the band.


Workers Participation

About 3 employees (therapeutic and administrative staff of KETHEA STROFI) support band concerts. Along them, a series of professionals (music educators, speech therapists, radio educators, communication and promotion) educate and share their skills with the members of the therapeutic community.  


Benefits for Οrganization

KETHEA STROFI band helps promote KETHEA STROFI work. For each concert posters are created and edited, press releases are sent to media, social agencies,  donors, school communities, friends and partners of the therapeutic program. Information is published on KETHEA s websites and social media pages, newsletter etc.

Networking with other organizations, companies, individuals, school communities, is also a benefit.

Connection with Global Goals

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