Living Our Values Program: Promoting Quest Group Principles and Values to its Employees

Living Our Values Program: Promoting Quest Group Principles and Values to its Employees


Quest Holdings SA, is the parent company of the Quest Group, one of the largest Groups in Greece, with strong presence in the fields of Information Technology, Electronic Transactions, Green Energy, as well as Courier and Postal Services.


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Objective Action

Appearance, through an experiential way, of shared values among employees in the different companies of the Quest Group, so that, in a single operating context, the relationships and behaviors that lead to common perceptions and attitudes that help co-operation, development and mutual benefits become aligned


Target Audience

To all employees of Quest Group companies



2014 - 2018, redesigned in 2019 and re-implemented 2020-2022


The governance of the Quest Group and its subsidiaries are of particular importance to the Group Principles, Values ​​and Policies. These are communicated to more than 1,700 employees through selected mechanisms, practices and actions, such as the intranet of the company, the Kyros group information platform and the web application "HereWeAre", which focuses on human resource development actions.  Also, the Group Principles, Values ​​and Policies are introduced to new employees in the Induction process and implemented in internal meetings and through the "Xehorizo" institution.

Especially for the experiential promotion and understanding of the Principles and Values ​​of the Group, the “Living our Values” program was designed and implemented by the Human Resources Development Department, which involved all employees up to the “Director” level and was implemented in the following stages:

• The CEOs of Group companies discussed and positioned on the Values and Principles of the Organization, taking into account what characterizes the organization today and what is critical for the future.

• Subsequently, an indicative sample of Group employees, which amounts to 10% of the total population participated in focus groups where the Values that are widely accepted in all Group companies were discussed, identified and fully understood.

• Based on the above processes, the six most important values for the Group were identified as follows:

o “Customer Satisfaction” (“As you request it”): All activities of the Group are aimed at total satisfaction and providing added value to the customer. The constant pursuit is the creation, maintenance and strengthening of the relationships of trust and cultivation of customer loyalty.

o "Ethos and Integrity" ("Fair QUEST"): Ethos is the set of behaviors that each of us interacts with in our daily lives. All actions in the Quest Group exemplify respect for human dignity, are distinguished by honesty, stability and a high code of ethics.

o "Teamwork" ("QUEST it together)": The synergy between colleagues, teams, departments and companies aims to disseminate knowledge and information and to achieve optimal productivity results and personal and professional development.

o "Knowledge - Continuous Improvement - Innovation" ("QUESTioning the ordinary"): Promoting new ideas and implementing reforms, innovations and innovations that lead to improved services, products and operation, with the aim of measurably increasing productivity. Continuous knowledge development that supports development, capacity building and continuous improvement is supported.

o "Entrepreneurship" ("ConQUEST of the future"): Supporting and promoting the value of entrepreneurship and responsible business and linking it to technology and innovation by encouraging initiatives

o "Accountability ("QUESTioning and Accountability"): Documentation of quantitative decisions, setting measurable goals and outcome-based evaluation.

• Their verbal performance by using the word “Quest” linked the values ​​with the Group and made it easier for all employees to disseminate their values, consolidate and apply them consciously.

• Voluntary employees have been willing to be facilitators in all of the Group's established employee groups, with the aim of informing and sensitizing all employees. Facilitators communicated to their teams each value, its characteristics and the behaviors that express it, integrating the process and elements of play with constructions and role playing into a play.

In the context of the cultivation of values, the changes that have taken place in the international environment, their economic, social and environmental impacts, as well as their impact on the country, businesses and Greek society, have also been presented and analyzed. Emphasis was also placed on the concepts of Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Responsibility and employee responsibility.

The “Living our Values” program during the years 2014-2018 was attended by more than 900 employees from all the companies of the Group. The program will be redesigned to be implemented again in the period 2020-2022.


Impact on Society

Development of a common speaking culture and a clear operating framework conducive to personal growth

Initiative Location

Quest Group companies buildings in Kallithea, AG Rentis, Tavros, Kryoneri, and Thessaloniki

Working with Organization

External presenter and facilitator for ACS employees

Workers Participation

Positive acceptance of programs and active participation by employees

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